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Cold Weather Wearing Roundup | Babywearing International
08 Dec

Cold Weather Wearing Roundup

Our chapters have amazing blogs with great content. With the temperature dropping, a lot of our chapters are giving great advice to their members regarding cold weather wearing.  Read on and click on the links to find out more.

BWI of Greater Austin writes…  

“A cold weather babywearing blog post coming out of Austin? Why, yes it is. Because -Holy cold, Batman! I’ll say it again – holy COLD, Batman! As a northern transplant, I moved here to avoid this chilly weather. While even our coldest temperatures lately have been over twenty degrees warmer than the temps back home, this is still pretty chilly. Lately all of our leaders have been asked how to babywear when the temps take a dip. Here are a few of our thoughts on that.”

BWI of North Central Illinois writes…

“I don’t think of it too often but we are really lucky to live in a place where we can experience each of the four seasons in all of their glory.  They really are amazing when you think about it, and I find myself always looking forward to each of them (with exception of this year, I will admit I am not quite ready for winter again if it is going to be like the last one!). Fall gives us a bit of a break from the warm weather, beautiful colors and plentiful harvests.  Winter gives us snow to play in, hot chocolate to sip and lots of time with family.”

BWI of Colorado Springs writes…

“With winter quickly approaching, you might be curious about how to still wear baby but keep both of you nice and warm. As always, there are many options on the budget spectrum! It’s important to remember that he/she will already be getting warmth from your body heat. So, keep a close watch to make sure he/she doesn’t get overheated!”

BWI of Chicagoland writes…

“The weather is getting cold, and suddenly you are wondering how to keep baby warm. How many layers should you use? How do you get from car to carrier? What should baby wear? Where can you find a babywearing coat? What kind of cover should you get if you wrap? What bout back carries? What if you are short on cash? Not to fear – I have been there done that in wind chills double digits below zero with infants to preschoolers in my carriers (and in multiple carriers!).”

BWI of South Metro Minneapolis writes

“Now that it’s chilly (is that the right word? The high for tomorrow is -3, chilly…?), the circumstances and attire for babywearing are a bit different.  Much of our babywearing is done indoors for chores, shopping, calming a sick little one,or just for fun; however, dogs still need walking, older kiddos still like to play outside, and we all still need fresh air!  For those interested, here are some tips.”

BWI of DC-MD-VA writes…

“Now that the cold weather should be here (maybe next week), let’s talk about how to wear your child and keep you both warm.  Yes, you could spend the money on a dedicated babywearing coat, but you could just as easily convert a coat to accommodate both you and your little precious bundle.  Here is a fabulous tutorial that I used that was easy to follow even with my novice sewing skills.  These instructions were translated from German and used with permission from Nancy, with slight editing.”

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