29 Dec

Optimal Positioning Cards

We are excited to release these new infographics, developed earlier this year by Babywearing International.  We hope they will help you to achieve optimal positioning with your carrier(s). These positioning cards show common baby carriers types in use from all angles with children of various ages! These are print ready, and can be downloaded and printed by lending libraries, non-profit educators, babywearing groups, etc.  For-profit consultants and businesses must contact info@babywearinginternational.org to arrange permission before use. Share this link online, or printed cards in person, and spread the babywearing love! Please see below for additional distribution information.

The first set of cards is divided by age/stage of baby. You can see how a child positioned in carrier should mimic the same position as when the child is carried in arms.

This project was put together by the former BWI Board of Directors Education Team – Faith Rayland, Kathy Low, Rachel Boarman, and Tabitha Goins during the International Babywearing Conference 2014. They were designed by Jessica Stampe, ABE for BWI of Grand Rapids. Photography credit goes to His & Her Photo. Many thanks to all of our beautiful models!

Our second set of cards is divided by carrier type and includes all three ages on each card. These are wonderful to use during a meeting near each carrier type.

Copyright 2014, Babywearing International. All rights reserved. Non-profit, educational use only allowed without notice or request, provided that the documents are used in their original form with no edits, modifications, or additions. Documents may not be used in any for-profit venture, sold, rented, or traded for other items of value. Documents may not be digitally distributed by any person or organization, but a link to the document as uploaded here may be distributed free of charge by anyone at any time. For questions, please contact info@babywearinginternational.org.


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