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International Babywearing Week 2016 | Babywearing International
17 Aug

International Babywearing Week 2016

International Babywearing Week has always been the first full week of October. We have recently been made aware that, this year, the previously announced dates for IBW conflict with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana, which begins at sunset on Oct 2. We apologize for the oversight.
In order to give a full week for celebration without also overlapping Yom Kippur, we would like to invite everyone to celebrate officially from October 5th-10th.

Many groups and vendors have been planning their IBW events since the 2016 dates were announced, nearly a year ago. They may have already scheduled activities during October 2nd-3rd, including reserving facilities or planning events which they would be unable to reschedule. IBW 2016 does not include any date-specific activities or theme days, so we encourage chapters and members to plan their events at the times and dates that work best for their membership.

We are also pleased to announce the theme for IBW 2016: Best Seat in the House.IMG_4441

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