International Babywearing Week


International Babywearing Week is an annual outreach event sponsored by Babywearing International. It is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate for, and focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing . We invite non-profit babywearing groups around the world to participate in IBW by registering as Official Celebrating Organizations. These organizations will host online and in-person events throughout the week. Babywearing International will promote IBW through its website, twitter, and Facebook accounts with contests, awards, giveaways, and other interactive events. There will also be a coordinated media outreach campaign to raise awareness about babywearing with the general public.

2015 Dates

International Babywearing Week 2015 will be celebrated October 4-10th. We hope you will join us!


The deadline for sponsoring International Babywearing Week 2015 has now passed. Thank you to all of our generous sponsors! If you are interested in being added to the sponsor contact list for 2016 please email us.

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Register as a Celebrating Organization

We invite all non-profit and educational groups and organizations to register as “Official Celebrating Organizations.” To sign up, please fill out this form! The full list of Celebrating Organizations will be published during IBW.

Join Us Online

Lots of IBW activities will be taking place online this year. Join the IBW Facebook Group and “like” the IBW Facebook Page to stay up to date, share your group’s activities, and participate in a fun social media party (with lots of prizes!) during IBW. The IBW hashtag for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is #IBW2015.

Celebrate International Babywearing Week with babywearing groups around the world, October 4-10, 2015! This year’s theme is:


This year we’ve worked hard to give celebrating organizations options for daily themes by coming up with not seven but ten themes that each organization can customize in order to celebrate IBW in the best way for them! We’ve also given suggestions for ways that groups and individuals can celebrate, as well as having online events. Here are the daily themes:

#EmbraceYourCommunity will be your opportunity to go out and explore what your community has to offer. What are your favorite places to wear your baby? What areas do you like to take babywearing walks? What’s a great local business that supports babywearing?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Gather together for a play date at a place local to you that is supportive of babywearing – maybe a store that supports your chapter – and see if they might do a special sale for your group. Maybe have a flash mob, or maybe just a picnic to bond with your chapter.
Individuals: Explore your community and make a log of what areas are supportive of babywearing, stores that have carriers, places only accessible while wearing, etc.
Online: Do an online scavenger hunt to link places that are the most babywearing friendly in your community. Tell them thank you on their Social Media sites.

#EmbraceYourFamily is all about those in your life that support you daily. Who is in your family? How do they help your parenting experience? Do you have other babywearers in your family? What does babywearing mean to your family?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Have a family picnic to show off all those caregivers and support networks in your life. Get together with your group to take family photos together or a group photographer to do family sessions.
Individuals: Make a photo collage of what family means to you.
Online: Show us those beautiful families and share why babywearing is important to your family. Can you recruit a new member to babywearing?

#EmbraceYourVoice is about showing the world who you are and what you have to say! What does babywearing mean to you? What would you want to say to a new wearer? What ways does babywearing allow you to share your voice?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Get out and do a parade or organize a Babywearing Awareness Event. How about a Babywearing Car Wash? What can you do to spread that babywearing love?
Individuals: Tell one friend about babywearing today. What other things do you want to say? Go share it today!
Online: Show us how babywearing has helped you to share your voice. Have you participated in a march while wearing? Tell us all about what babywearing does to help you speak out.

#EmbraceYourSelf is about what you do for yourself. What does babywearing do for YOU? Has it given you the opportunity to read a book or buy a special carrier that just screams “you”? Give you a chance to bond with your little one or help you with your other children? What does babywearing do for you?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Can you get your group together for a yoga session? Maybe a foot soaking pampering session? Dance Party? What would be fun and energizing to your members to remind them to embrace themselves?
Individuals: Take some time today to do one thing for you and reflect on how babywearing helped you do that.
Online: Tell us all about what YOU like and what makes you YOU and share a photo of how babywearing helps you be you.

#EmbraceYourOptions is about exploring all the options available to you. What carriers do you have? What can they do? Have you fully explored all the options they have to offer? What about options around you; lending libraries, friends to trade with? What sort of options do you have?
Activity Ideas:
Group: Have a Lending Library Play Date or special “Explore Your Carriers” training session.
Individual: Get out your carrier(s) and see what they can do! If you do not have the manual, look for it online and see if there’s a way your carrier can do even more for you.
Online: How about an “Ask a VBE” session with Skype calls in 20 minute segments to give you some personal time with an educator to explore your options? Use today to share videos on hip carries and back carries and different tie offs or other options for members to explore.

#EmbraceYourLove is all about that bundle of cuteness that you put into that carrier. What does babywearing do for your babies? What is their favorite part of wearing: the snuggles, rubbing their hands on your skin, being able to see the world? What does babywearing mean to your baby?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Host a Moms’ Café to sit down in a safe area for babies and talk about all the cute things that those babies do. Maybe you can work on finding a host to set up a regular play date for those babies to bond with each other. Take a poll to find “Babies’ Favorite Places” and organize a play date.
Individuals: Take the time today to admire your baby for themselves and see what they enjoy.
Online: This is an easy one to embrace online – show us those babies! Show us who you wear! Show us what they like to do while wearing and what makes them the happiest.

#EmbraceYourStyle is about telling us why you have the carrier(s) you have. Why do you love it? Why is that carrier your style?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Have a “Carrier Petting Zoo” group event where members can bring their favorite carriers and show why they like them and allow other members to explore different styles to see what they may like.
Individuals: Find what makes you feel stylish – from a fancy dress to a fedora – and rock it around town today (or even just the house) while wearing your favorite carrier!
Online: Show us how babywearing makes your style come out! When have you been wearing and felt extra stylish?

#EmbraceYourWild is about getting out to see what the great wild outdoors has to offer. Where do you go that your carrier comes in handy? Do you have nature trails or boardwalks or skywalks nearby that you like to visit? What areas have you yet to explore that would be made easier while babywearing?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Get your members out In nature today. Have a picnic in the park or visit your local zoo. Do a chalk walk or babywearing hike. Walk down the boardwalk. Do whatever you can that gets your group outside.
Individuals: Grab that carrier and baby and get outside! Where can you get your face in the sunshine today?
Online: Do a scavenger hunt of babywearing with fun “wild” items. A lion, a bear, a ray of sunshine, or whatever other fun ideas you come up with.

#EmbraceYourAdventure is a throwback to 2014’s Share the Adventure. Where have you been while babywearing that was an “adventure”? Where can babywearing take you and where would you like to go? The sky is your limit when you’re hands free!
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Find an adventurous place for your group to explore; the zoo, a cave, a pumpkin patch, or maybe just the mall-which is always an adventure with kids. Host a meeting talking about the greatest adventures you’ve been on while babywearing and allow members to bring photos and participate.
Individuals: Explore a vacation option even if it’s just to dream about possibilities that babywearing might give you!
Online: Share a story of the greatest adventure you’ve been on while wearing With pictures!) OR give us your best story of what you COULD do or dream up while hands free!

#EmbraceYourDay is about how babywearing helps you every day. Sometimes it’s not about adventures or style or getting out but just getting through every day life. What does babywearing do to help you every day?
Activity Ideas:
Groups: Have a meeting topic on one of the biggest reasons people love babywearing: helping them get through the day! Schedule a Babywearing 101 class to reach new wearers to teach them how babywearing can help them daily.
Individuals: As you walk through your normal day today, reflect on all the ways that wearing has and continues to help you.
Online: Another photo scavenger hunt opportunity to show babywearing during every day activities: with a broom, with a sibling, with a computer, with a cat. Or maybe use it as an opportunity to share stories of how babywearing has made a difference to your members and yourself in an every day capacity.