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The Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award

The Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award is sponsored by Babywearing International, Inc. And the winner is ...
Kristi Hayes-Devlin of Portland, Maine
Read the press release:

Babywearing Champion Wins International Award 

for Babywearing Advocacy


Kristi Hayes-Devlin of Portland, Maine is the winner of the Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award from the nonprofit organization Babywearing International, Inc., as part of its International Babywearing Week 2010 awards program.


The term “babywearing” means carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier. Babywearing allows parents to have both hands free while carrying their children, and research indicates that this practice has numerous benefits for children.


A study published in the journal Pediatrics in 1986 found that 6-week-old babies carried at least three hours a day in a soft carrier cried and fussed 43 percent less than others overall, and 51 percent less in the evening hours. Another study, published in the journal Child Development in 1990, found that mothers who were given cloth carriers at birth were more responsive to their babies and had babies who were more securely attached than mothers who received plastic infant seats.


“International Babywearing Week is a wonderful time to recognize the advocates who are helping parents learn about and become successful at babywearing,” explained Glenda Criss, president of Babywearing International, Inc., the nonprofit organization that coordinates the event.


Ms. Hayes-Devlin has spent years involved in the babywearing community as an advocate, manufacturer, and parent.  As the owner of  Gypsy Mama, LLC and the creator of the Wrapsody Baby Wrap, Hayes-Devlin has been sharing the love of babywearing with others for years.

This year, however, Hayes-Devlin stepped up as the driving force in the creation of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA).  This trade organization has come together to help small babywearing businesses to work together and use their collective power to deal with government regulations, suppliers, and general business issues.  "Kristi's passion for babywearing was evident as she explained the need for this organization.  She was nearly ready to deliver her fourth child, but she traveled to the conference to make sure she could teach others about wearing their babies, and to appeal to educators, advocates, and vendors about forming the BCIA," said Ann Marie Rodgerson, Vice President of Babywearing International.  By ensuring parents have a wide variety of babywearing products available to them, Hayes-Devlin and the BCIA are enabling all parents to find a babywearing solution that works for their family.


International Babywearing Week 2010 was celebrated by nonprofit groups around the world. “We had Official Celebrating Organizations on every continent around the world,” Criss said. The groups hosted babywearing workshops, photography exhibits, walks, picnics, and other events to raise awareness about babywearing and help parents and caregivers learn babywearing as a skill.


International Babywearing Week is supported by funding from presenting sponsor ERGObaby Inc. and ERGObaby EU and general sponsor DIDYMOS Erika Hoffmann GmbH.


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