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Best Charitable Program by a Babywearing Vendor Award

The Award for Best Charitable Program by a Babywearing Vendor is sponsored by TheBabywearer.com.
And the winner is ...
Susan Horn
Owner of Sweet Pickles and founder of Tingly Toes
Read the press release:

Founder of Support Program for Families Facing Childhood Cancer Wins Award for Babywearing Advocacy
Susan Horn, owner of Sweet Pickles, an internet babywearing boutique, is the winner of the Best Charitable Program by a Babywearing Vendor Award from the nonprofit organization Babywearing International, Inc., as part of its International Babywearing Week 2009 awards program.


The charitable program that Mrs. Horn is being recognized for is the new nonprofit organization Tingly Toes, a group providing a baby carrier lending library for families of children fighting cancer.


The term “babywearing” means carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier. Babywearing allows parents to have both hands free while carrying their children, and research indicates that this practice has numerous benefits for children.


A study published in the journal Pediatrics in 1986 found that 6-week-old babies carried at least three hours a day in a soft carrier cried and fussed 43 percent less than others overall, and 51 percent less in the evening hours. Another study, published in the journal Child Development in 1990, found that mothers who were given cloth carriers at birth were more responsive to their babies and had babies who were more securely attached than mothers who received plastic infant seats.


“International Babywearing Week is a wonderful time to recognize the advocates who are helping parents learn about and become successful at babywearing,” explained Susie Spence, president of Babywearing International, Inc., the nonprofit organization that coordinates the event.


“Susan has a wonderful track record of charitable outreach and babywearing advocacy,” Spence said. “She is just one of the founders of Tingly Toes, but Tingly Toes is just one of the nonprofit organizations she has founded.” Horn also founded Baby Loss and Healing, which dedicated to bringing support and information to families going through the loss of a baby, whether through chemical pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death in a positive and healing atmosphere.


The Tingly Toes website, www.tinglytoes.com, explains the origin of the organization’s name: “During the course of treatment for many types of cancer, vinca alkaloids are used. These chemotherapy agents and many others cause peripheral neuropathy which results in a tingling sensation in the hands, feet, fingers and toes. At this point in treatment many kids simply stop walking, and that's why we call it tingly toes.”


“With the use of comfortable and safe carriers these tingly toes are receiving another form of care, which is much less invasive, tender loving care,” the group explains.


International Babywearing Week 2009 was being celebrated by nonprofit groups around the world. “We had Official Celebrating Organizations in fifteen countries around the world,” Spence said. The groups hosted babywearing workshops, photography exhibits, walks, picnics, and other events to raise awareness about babywearing and help parents and caregivers learn babywearing as a skill.


The Award for the Best Charitable Program by a Babywearing Vendor is sponsored by TheBabywearer.com, the internet’s premiere source of babywearing information.


International Babywearing Week is supported by funding from presenting sponsor ERGObaby Inc., and general sponsors Moby Wrap, Inc., and DIDYMOS Erika Hoffmann GmbH.

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