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Best Babywearing Outreach Program by a Non-Vendor Award

The Award for the Best Babywearing Outreach Program by a Non-Vendor is sponsored by Sleeping Baby Productions. And the winner is ...

Sheffield Slings

Sheffield Slings was set up in June by three friends who recognised the need for a friendly, sociable, flexible babywearing group in our beloved Steel City in the UK, that would reach out to families all over the region, promoting the benefits of using slings to carry children. We soon realised that families needed a group where they could share the joys and tribulations of parenting in a forum open to everyone, not just talk about slings (which we do a lot of, as well!) Less than six months later, we have nearly 200 members all over the region, all connected by a love of slings, eager to share their enthusiasm for babywearing and natural parenting. Our Facebook group and our frequent meets (usually two or more a week) all around the city reflect this relaxed broad approach; people are welcome to discuss all sorts of natural parenting issues, from breastfeeding problems to toddler tantrums, from co-sleeping to weaning, managing colic to knitting and cooking, ask for advice about slings, anything goes! We also arrange themed sling meets for demonstrations of particular carries, for the opportunity to try each others slings and make use of each other's expertise. These meets are usually very popular, and there is always cake! We have a steering group where we plan outreach events like a recent festival stall where the public had a chance to come and look at our slings and try them out, International Babywearing Week events, family walks and picnics etc, and are forging links with the local National Childbirth Trust for demonstrations and advice in their antenatal classes. We actively promote local family-friendly businesses such as BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm, Hypnobirthing, local drama and craft classes, Lazy Daisy Birthing, local clothing companies etc. We love our members - all are welcome, all are valued. One of our members summed us up with our tagline - "We share our strengths, and muddle through the rest together."
International Babywearing Week is supported by funding from Diamond sponsors Britax, ERGObaby Inc., OnyaBaby, and Sakura Bloom.


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