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Babywearing Educators

One of the main goals for Babywearing International is to give babywearing educators a common educational background when they work with our nonprofit groups.

We strive to help as many educators as possible become accredited at whatever level they deem appropriate for their group. Accreditation through BWI comes from time spent in the trenches helping others, study and research and practical knowledge of how to safely babywear and help others do the same. At BWI we do not subscribe to a specific program of study... here, we see the merit in many schools of thought (so to speak), but overall we embrace those who seek to have a well balanced background in babywearing.

Our accreditations programs are as follows:

Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Advanced Babywearing Educator

Master Babywearing Educator

Some of the benefits of accreditation through Babywearing International is a solid and well rounded background on the 4 basic styles of babywearing (1 shouldered carriers, wraps, asian baby carriers and soft structured carriers), More emphasis on practical application than other programs and the ability to receive your accreditation while you study the portions of babywearing that you are passionate about.

Our accredited educators receive continuing education on a monthly basis, support from Babywearing International in regards to group growth and library additions and liability insurance to protect you while you teach.

Please contact Tabitha Goins with questions.

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