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IBW 2013 Event Ideas

Model it Monday!
Grab a camera for a babywearing photo shoot, or strut your stuff on the catwalk during a babywearing fashion show.

Traditional Carry/ Back to Basics Tuesday
Here is your opportunity to display the history of babywearing, carriers from different cultures, or even celebrate our own "workhorse" carriers. Perhaps partner with your local library or town museum.

Work it/ Workout Wednesday
Work it for the photographer if you didn't do that on Monday, or lead your group in a fitness or dance class or on a walk or hike.

Tutorial Thursday
Here is a great opportunity to plan a DIY workshop, teach a new carry, or maybe create something crafty for your babies.

Fun for all Friday
This one is up to you, but make it FUN!

Shout it Saturday
Let your group be heard. Flash mob? Participate in a 5K? What can you come up with?

Social Media Sunday
Spend some time online today, sharing your pictures from the week, blogging about it, and don't forget to join us at the TWITTER party!!

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