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Master Babywearing Educator

Babywearing International Accreditation

Master Babywearing Educator (MBE)


• Minimum of 6 months experience as an ABE with an active chapter in good standing

• Letter from chapter leadership verifying consistent active presence as a
group leader, including a detailed report about the level of involvement in the chapter (meetings attended, chapter duties, etc.) and detailing how applicant’s contributions go above and beyond normal VBE duties

• Letter of recommendation from Regional Director detailing support provided while serving as an ABE

• Letters of recommendation from two current MBE’s (the Regional Director letter may count as one of these if your RD is also an MBE)

• Completion of MBE written application

• Project of applicant’s choice, to be approved by Board representative; examples include mentoring VBE applicant(s) / new VBE(s), research paper, instructional video series, summary of extensive outreach efforts, etc.

• Successful completion of MBE skills assessment:  conducting a VBE skills assessment under supervision of approved MBE

• Once approved, MBE’s must serve BWI in a capacity above and beyond typical VBE duties.  Options include conducting regular Skills Assessments of VBE’s, serving as a Regional Director or on the Board of Directors, assisting in Conference or IBW planning, mentoring VBE applicant(s) or new VBE(s), or assisting Board in tasks as needed.

    For more information please contact Faith Rayland.

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