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Volunteers Needed

Babywearing International is seeking volunteers for the following positions.


International Positions

If you do not live in the United States you can still be a part of BWI. We are looking for people to research out the tax laws in their country in order to create a BWI for each nation. If you are willing to be the person doing this work please email Kimber Tower (BOD secretary) at ClanTower@gmail.com


If you want to help BWI but you don't feel you have the time and/or qualifications for either of these roles, we have committees forming and we need people to share in the work.

Current Committees:

United States Membership Committee

Volunteer Babywearing Educator Certification Committee

International Babywearing Week Committee

Public Relations Committee

Medical Advisory Board (must be a medical professional.)

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Kimber Tower.  ClanTower@gmail.com

Web Design

We also need a web designer who will be willing to redesign our page shell for a more updated look.  Please contact info@babywearinginternational.org if you are interested in volunteering as web designer.

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