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Best Babywearing Outreach Program To Women In Need Award

The Award for Best Babywearing Outreach Program to Women In Need is sponsored by Sling Rings. And the winner is...

AYU Loves Kids
AYU, located in Columbia, provides jobs to the indigenous Wayuu women of Colombia. AYU’s social impact can be seen in its relationship with the Wayuu indigenous women. Working with AYU has given this community an unprecedented opportunity to show their heritage and magic to the world. In forging this entrepreneurial alliance, AYU has been able to harmoniously bridge modern business with important indigenous cultural values and create a unique community of women challenged by a common goal.
- AYU works with single mothers taking raw material excess from the production process to make our famous dolls 
- AYU develop social programs which contribute positively to
indigenous communities and entities that offer child protection
(Part of the sales force consists of stay at home mothers with a high percentage of earnings, they can stay at home with their babies!)
- AYU works with entities that offer protection to underprivileged
children via its educational programs. Beyond being a business
concept, AYU strives to make a positive impact through its social
activities.  AYU has collaborated on several occasions with entities that offer protection to underprivileged children
(http://www.babyayu.com/social.html). Via its educational programs, AYU has created trips and excursions where these children learn import social values. AYU continues to develop these programs and each day this initiative is becoming more and more robust. AYU also worked with a Colombian government contracted to help bonding between teenage mothers and babies in Arauca, Colombia. These programs have developed incredible bonds with our customers: one customer contacted AYU about
paying for an underprivileged child’s schooling, others have provided us with non-perishable goods for the children, some have participated in our educational program trips, and one even provided free karate classes to the children!

As a result of this non-traditional social emphasis, AYU has attracted significant media attention in Colombia and I encourage you to read and watch at http://www.babyayu.com/prensa.html

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