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Best International Babywearing Week 2012 Publicity Campaign

Our Top International Babywearing Week Award, the “Best International Babywearing Week 2012 Publicity Campaign” is sponsored by Babywearing International.  This group will win a $100 gift certificate to Sling With Me.

WINNER: Babywearing International of Greater Boston
BWI of Greater Boston area non-profit group made up of diverse parents who love babywearing. We meet the third Wednesday of every month to learn from one another and teach others who are new to babywearing. There are many great resources online, but there is nothing like walking into a room full of parents wearing their little ones and being able to learn, make friends, and work together to build a community. 
This year for International Babywearing Week we went all out with signs, brochures, an ad in Green Child magazine and lots and lots of Facebook pushing. We planned an event for every day of the week, ending in a big party and raffle on Saturday. We do our best to use the individual talents of our leaders as much as possible, giving us amazing graphic design, writing, social media managment and printing. 

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