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Best International Babywearing Week 2010 Publicity Campaign

Our Top International Babywearing Week Award, the “Best International Babywearing Week 2010 Publicity Campaign” is sponsored by Moby Wrap.  The prize for this award is $250 worth of merchandise from Moby Wrap.

WINNER: Babywearing Calgary!
Congratulations to Babywearing Calgary on their selection for the best publicity campaign for IBW 2010.  This year Babywearing Calgary did a wide variety of things to help promote International Babywearing Week.
They organized a photo shoot, and Lindsay Ross wrote a 2 page article for Birthing Magazine (http://www.birthunlimited.ca/).   The article was a babywearing based fitness routine, to show parents that almost anything can be achieved safely while babywearing.  The article came out in the last issue (Fall 2010) of Birthing Magazine, both in hard copy, and in digital copy on the website.  International Babywearing Week, and the dates were mentioned on the 9th page into the magazine.   

Babywearing Calgary worked in collaboration with the organizers of the Breastfeeding Challenge to hold a "How Not to Wear Your Baby" Fashion show.  They were able to promote International Babywearing Week during the event, and gave away 2 tickets to one of their celebration events; an Ice Cream Social Fundraiser. 

Ross also spearheaded a campaign to get Babywearing Calgary on local TV. Ross worked very hard sending out multiple press releases to several media outlets and finally managed to a get spot on CTV's local noon news.  Ms. Ross, and Babywearing Calgary should be congratulated for their hard work in promoting babywearing and International Babywearing Week.

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