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The current board of directors for Babywearing International, Inc.

Steffany Kerr, President

Steffany holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Science in Management. Information Systems, a Master of Elementary Education and Literacy Studies, Educational Specialist in Literacy and Language Studies, and is pursuing her Ph.D in Education with emphasis in community outreach and parenting education. She worked as a public school teacher for several years before having children, and then focused her career on the non profit sector after the birth of her first child. Steffany currently runs a homeschooling cooperative and enrichment education program, and is involved in TACA (Talk About Curing Autism Now,) as a parent and advocate of a child with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

Steffany began her babywearing journey in 2007 with the birth of her first child. She got a crash course in babywearing options while trying to tend to her special needs child, and expanded her babywearing passion and experience after adding subsequent children. In 2010 Steffany founded Kansas City Area Babywearers and in 2011 formed the Kansas City chapter of Babywearing International. After moving to Honolulu, HI in 2013, Steffany helped establish the chapter Babywearing International of Oahu. Steffany attended the Babywearing Institute in 2012 and earned both beginner and advanced certifications. She continues to serve as President of Babywearing International of Oahu and Master Babywearing Educator, with special interests in outreach endeavors in supporting urban and underserved populations. Steffany previously served as the Vice President of Administration for the Board of Directors and is honored to serve Babywearing International as the President.

Faith Rayland, Vice President of Education

Faith Rayland graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and is now a stay-at-home-mom to three sons. She has enjoyed wearing her children from birth and while she loves all carrier styles, she specializes in wraps and ring slings. Faith has a series of instructional videos on YouTube under the username BabywearingFaith.

    Faith is a Master Babywearing Educator and President of the Central New York Chapter of BWI, which she founded in 2011. She taught Babywearing 101 and Babywearing Yoga at the 2012 International Babywearing Conference in Washington, DC. During Faith's first year on the Board of Directors, she oversaw the Volunteer Babywearing Educator accreditation process alongside Steffany Kerr, including revamping the system to create the Regional Director positions and provide training for these individuals. As the Vice President of Education, she now oversees BWI's educator accreditation processes, serves as a point of contact for educators, and leads a committee in collecting educational materials to benefit the organization.

Heather Felker, Vice President of Outreach

Heather Felker earned her formal education in Human Services and Computer Information Systems, and holds a certificate in Advanced Family Studies. In 2009 she attended the Babywearing Institute to become a Certified Babywearing Educator. In 2010 she returned to the school and is now licensed to teach their curriculum.

She currently runs a small babywearing business, providing sales and personal consultations, and teaches classes to members of the medical and social services communities. She is also a La Leche League Leader and is studying to become a post partum doula. Also in 2009, she took over leadership of her local babywearing group from its founder, and in 2011 began the process of converting it to a chapter of BWI.

Heather is the mother of 8 children, spanning twenty five years from oldest to youngest. Each child was breastfed and parented in arms, cementing her passion for babywearing as an essential parenting tool. She and her husband live in Delaware, where they homeschool their children and are active in their local community.

Christie Chapman, Vice President of Administration

Christie Chapman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Eastern Nazarene College and a Master of Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New York and works as a psychotherapist for individuals and families in an outpatient setting. She has specific interests in maternal mental health and in infant attachment and its impact on lifelong mental health. 

She is mother of two children, ages 3 and 1.5, and has found babywearing to be an indispensable tool in establishing work-life balance while meeting the needs of her family. Christie is passionate about helping other families feel confidentbabywearing so that they too can utilize this invaluable skill. Christie also serves as a VBE with BWI of Rockland-Westchester.

Sarah Rockwell, Secretary

Sarah Rockwell is a mother of two who has been babywearing since the birth of her son in January 2010. Sarah led a babywearing group in Gainesville, FL for a year before moving to San Francisco where she is currently a Master Babywearing Educator for BWI-Bay Area. She has also served on the BWI Board of Directors since November 2011.

In addition to her volunteer work for BWI, Sarah is a US Babywearing Institute Trained Babywearing Educator. She also has a Ph.D. in Special Education. Sarah combines her interests in babywearing and special education through her business, Special Connections Consulting, which offers babywearing instruction to caregivers and children with disabilities.

Kate Hulme, Treasurer

Kate Hulme graduated from Methodist University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Upon graduating, she immediately went to work in public accounting with PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. She later returned to her childhood home in Maryland, and currently works at a CPA firm.

She is a Volunteer Babywearing Educator and Treasurer for the Delmarva chapter of BWI.

Kate resides with her husband and daughter in Maryland.

Karen Hoppis

Karen earned a B.A. in Elementary Education, an M.A. in Educational Technology, and was a classroom teacher for six years before having her first child in 2005. She created and ran Ventura Babywearers for a year before she resigned as a teacher and moved with her family out of state so she could stay at home full time.

Karen created the Eesti ring sling shoulder and enjoyed being in the baby wearing business for two full years as a manufacturer and distributor. She currently is the president for BWI Denver/Front Range. Karen, her husband, and three children live near Boulder, Colorado.

Camille Organ, VBE Newsletter/Blogger

Camille lives in Arizona with her family and has degrees in accounting and psychology. She runs a contracting company in the Phoenix area that she created with her husband.  Her professional experience includes creating and expanding small businesses and a non-profit. She has spent time volunteering for different non-profits including serving on the board for a local charity. 

She enjoys working from home and being with her two young daughters, ages 3 and under, and blogs about gardening.  She began her babywearing journey after the birth of her first daughter and the birth of her second led her to Babywearing International.  She loves helping others understand how babywearing can benefit their families and enjoys participating in her local babywearing community.  She looks forward to working with Babywearing International as a board of director.  

Tabitha Goins, Education Coordinator

Tabitha Goins lives in Illinois and is a stay at home mom to her three children. She has years of supervisory skills, customer service and administrative assistant experiences with True Value Manufacturing and Medela. Tabitha began wearing her son in 2008.  Her experiences ignited a strong passion for babywearing and she started teaching a year later. 

Tabitha is a Master Babywearing Educator and President of BWI of North Central Illinois.  As a MBE she has put in many hours evaluating VBEs, and helping Babywearing International through its rapid growth.  She is now serving BWI as the Education Coordinator and hopes to help VBEs on their journey of obtaining higher credentials within the organization.

Tabitha shares her love of babywearing and it's benefits with an easy, approachable style. She continuously makes herself available to caregivers and educators alike. Tabitha feels that "there's nothing quite like helping a caregiver with a carrier and seeing them have that "ah-ha" moment." She says that "you can see the pure joy in their eyes when they realize how special babywearing can be for them and the child."

Heather Pencil, Library Director

Heather Pencil graduated from Miami  University with a Bachelors degree in Zoology and Environmental Science. She was a veterinary technician for 5 years before giving birth to her son and is now a stay-at-home-mom to one child, a dog, cat, and chinchilla.  She has enjoyed wearing her son from birth and while she loves all carrier styles, her favorites are wraps and pouches.

She enjoys making cloth diapers and other reusable family items, organic gardening, and various other crafts in her sparse spare time. With her knowledge in green living, she helps educate those in her community to make environmentally and fiscally conscious lifestyle choices.


Heather is a Volunteer Babywearing Educator and Vice President of Outreach and Librarian for The Greater Austin Chapter of Babywearing International. She started out by attending meetings while she was still pregnant. Her appreciation for the group was so great that she felt the need to help others as well. In a little more than a year, she has helped enact changes in her local group that help accommodate for the inevitable growth of the chapter. She is happy to be a part of BWI's Board of Directors and is eager to see it grow and develop.

Rachel Boarman

Rachel Boarman graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and elementary teacher certification.  She has been teaching fifth grade for eight years in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Rachel has enjoyed wearing her two children (ages 5 and 2) since birth and is expecting a third little one in June.  While she loves all carrier styles, she especially loves wrapping and has a YouTube channel with wrapping instructional videos under the username Wrapping Rachel.

Rachel is an Advanced Babywearing Educator and
one of the founders of Babywearing International of Southern Maryland.  You can find her on most Saturday mornings leading babywearing group meetings all over Southern Maryland.  She loves helping caregivers get comfortable with a new carrier and helping babies get extra snuggle time.   Rachel has been trained through the Center of Babywearing Studies as a babywearing consultant.  She has served on the education committee for Babywearing International and is looking forward to working on more education projects as a member of the Board of Directors. 

Heather Snaman Frech

Heather Snaman Frech lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and daughter. She is President of BWI of Greater Austin, a part time student, and a stay at home mom. She became interested in babywearing as her maternity leave came to an end. After spending the better part of three months snuggling her daughter and holding her close, she feared that their bond would suffer while she had to work long days. Babywearing proved to be an excellent tool to make the most of their limited time together, and she's loved it ever since.

Her professional experience includes sales and business management, but she enjoys community building, taking classes, and all things "geek" in her free time. She's thrilled to join the Board of Directors and further the organization's missio

Kathy Low

Kathy Low graduated from Western Michigan University with a BS in Elementary Education. She has two children: Julia, age 3.5 and Joshua, age 1. Kathy has also been involved in the Real Estate Industry, sales, and marketing communities while working from home for the last 4 years. Kathy found babywearing prior to the birth of her first child and fell quickly in love. She loves all types of carriers but can most often be found wearing a woven wrap.

Kathy is a co-founder of Babywearing International of Grand Rapids, MI and is currently the President and a Volunteer Babywearing Educator for the group. She is in the process of applying as an Advanced Babywearing Education. Kathy teaches Babywearing 101 classes and works with new educators of her local group. She loves working with caregivers and sharing the babywearing spirit with everyone. Kathy is thrilled to work with BWI to further foster their goals.

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