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Babywearing Resources for Care Professionals

Pediatricians, obstetricians, doulas, counselors, midwives, massage therapists, lactation consultants: care professionals who work with parents or young children are in a position to give their clients information about babywearing that can make a positive difference in their clients' well being. Babywearing International offers resources to help care professionals help their clients, including PDFs to download (below).
Scientific Research
Download "Hold Me Close: Encouraging Essential Mother/Baby Physical Contact," an 8-page document summarizing several randomized controlled trials concerning the effects of physical contact, including babywearing, on mothers and babies. This document is excerpted from Blois, Maria. “Birth: Care of Infant and Mother: Time Sensitive Issues.” Best Practices in the Behavioral Management of Health from Preconception to Adolescence, edited by William Gordon and Jodie Trafton. Los Altos: Institute for Disease Management. 2007-8. pp. 108-132. (www.indiseasemanagement.org).

Download PDF
Dr. Blois is also the author of Babywearing: The Benefits and Beauty of This Ancient Tradition. She lectures across the country about responsive parenting and babywearing to parents as well as medical professionals.She can often be found wearing her own baby as she speaks. Dr. Blois also volunteers as a La Leche League Leader, providing information and support for women who choose to breastfeed. Learn more at www.drmariablois.com.
"Babywearing: Benefits for Mothers with Postpartum Depression or Depression," a trifold brochure published by Babywearing International explaining the benefits of babywearing, including insights from babywearers who suffered from or were at high risk for postpartum depression.
Available for download.

Download PDF

"Simply Wonderful: Modern Takes on Traditional Baby Carriers From Around the World," a trifold brochure published by Babywearing International explaining five major types of baby carriers commonly used by babywearers. This is not a sales brochure; rather, it aims to educate consumers to help them make more informed consumer choices.
Available for download.

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