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Official Celebrating Organizations Around the world!

  Official Celebrating Organizations 2012

Add your group to the list of 
Official Celebrating Organizations!

There are nonprofit babywearing groups all over the world that promote babywearing and help caregivers learn babywearing skills. Babywearing International Inc.would like to invite these groups to register as "Official Celebrating Organizations" for International Babywearing Week 2012.

United States

Babywearing International Chapters:

BWI of the Bay Area (California)

BWI of Birmingham (Alabama)

BWI of Boston (Massachusetts)

BWI of Chicagoland (Illinois)

BWI of DC/MD/VA (District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia)

BWI of Delmarva (Delaware/Maryland/Virginia)

BWI of Greater Austin (Texas)

BWI of Kansas City (Missouri)

BWI of Peoria (Illinois)

BWI of Phoenix  (Arizona)

BWI of South Jersey (New Jersey)

BWI of the Triangle (North Carolina)

Other Groups:

Atlanta Babywearers (Georgia)

Babywearers of Cedar Rapids (Iowa)

Babywearers of Central Vermont

Babywearers of Northern New Jersey

The Babywearing Network (Oregon)

Black Hills Babywearers (South Dakota)

Cache Valley Crunchy Mamas (Utah)

Columbia SC Babywearers  (South Carolina)

Corvallis Babywearers (Oregon)

Dupage Slingers (Illinois)

Green Bay Babywearers (Wisconsin)

Kanga Mamas (Rhode Island)

Mamaroo Babywearing (Oregon)

San Antonio Area Babywearers (Texas)

San Antonio Natural Parenting (Texas) 

Up, Please!  East of the River Babywearers (Connecticut)

International Groups

Aberconwy & Colwyn NCT Sling Meet (Wales)

Associoaci�³ Mareus (Spain)

Asteraki Slings Babywearing (Greece)

Babywearing Association of South Africa

Babywearing Australia

BWB - Babywearing Brasil

Babywearing Hauraki (New Zealand)

Babywearing Ireland

Babywearing North Shore (New Zealand)

Babywearing UK (UK)

Central Coast Babywearers (Australia)

Central West NSW (Australia)

Cheltenham Sling Meet (UK)

DevonAPI & Baby Tiponi (UK)

Edinburgh Sling Meet (UK)

Farnham Sling Library (UK)

Filipino Association of Babywearers (Phillipines)

Fundacja Centrum Aktywnosci Tworczej (Poland)

Gaaf Gruppo allattando a Faenza (Italy)

Isle of Wight Sling Library (UK)

Kantoliinayhdistys (Finland)

Keyiflibebek (Turkey)

Kingston Area Babywearing Group (Canada)


North London Sling Meet (UK)

North Somerset Slings (UK)

Northeast Sling Library (UK)

Olbebaba: Association of Babywearing Advocates in Hungary (Hungary)

Perth Baby Wearers Group (Australia)

Ringwood Sling Meet (UK)

Scuola del Portare (Italy)

Selby NCT Sling Library (UK)

Sheffield Slings (UK)

Disclaimer of Affiliation: The Official Celebrating Organizations are independent entities; they are not Babywearing International chapters (unless their name includes Babywearing International) nor are they agents of Babywearing International for any purpose other than the limited purpose of participating in the International Babywearing Week publicity campaign. To qualify as an Official Celebrating Organization, Babywearing International asked simply that the organization be operated as a nonprofit entity that supports babywearing and International Babywearing Week.

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