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Our Guiding Principles

Our Goals and Objectives

1. To provide information about the benefits of babywearing for children and caregivers.
2. To foster the creation of a global network of peer educators to support and encourage those interested in babywearing.
3. To provide the highest standard education about the types of carriers and their proper usage.
4. To provide ongoing support for babywearing educators.
5. To develop a postive image for those who practice and promote babywearing.
6. To enlist members of the medical community, birth professionals, and child care providers as babywearing facilitators.
7. To further advancements in research about the benefits of babywearing and babywearing techniques.
8. To be a resource for researchers and other professionals who are looking for evidence-based information about babywearing.

Our Vision Statements:

External Vision Statement:
We envision a world in which babywearing is a natural part of child-rearing.

Internal Vision Statement:
Babywearing International Inc. will serve as a central organization through which babywearing educators and advocates will collaborate to share resources and coordinate activities to promote babywearing. Peer educators will find that Babywearing Internationalís group leader development materials help them maximize their ability to teach babywearing. Members will use Babywearing International as a resource to obtain easily understood information about babywearing practices and benefits. Through Babywearing Internationalís professional outreach programs, members of the medical community, birth professionals, and child care providers will understand how and why babywearing is a powerfully beneficial technique for parents and caregivers, and they will refer their clients to Babywearing International and its affiliated groups. Babywearing Internationalís research as well as its position statements concerning the benefits of babywearing will be reported in media around the world.

Our Belief Statements:

1. Baby carriers are powerful tools for parents and caregivers, enabling them to hold their babies more comfortably, more securely, and longer than they would otherwise.
2.The practice of using baby carriers, known as babywearing, is beneficial for both children and caregivers. Babywearing fulfills a childís need to be held, while its utility makes the lives of caregivers easier.
3. Babywearing promotes bonding between children and their caregivers.
4. All types of baby carriers have value, and caregivers have the benefit of a wide range of available options.
5. Baby carriers should be comfortable for both child and caregiver, and can be used for as long as is mutually desired by children and their caregivers.
6. Babywearing is compatible with any parenting style or philosophy.
7. With education and support, children and caregivers can benefit from the ease, comfort and utility of babywearing.

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