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Our Regions

Regional Directors

Northwest Regional Director

Serena Weingrod has been babywearing since the birth of her daughter in 2009. Babywearing has become such an important part of her life that she is pleased to be able to share the wonders of babywearing with other families. In particular, Serena finds that babywearing is a simple, convenient way to bond with baby while going about daily activities. Babies that are worn are more alert, calm and independent and cry less, which she has definitely seen in her daughter. Most importantly, babywearing lets parents sneak in extra snuggles all day long!

East Central Regional Director

Rachel Dreyer is mama to 7 kids. She started wearing her oldest in a Bjorn soon after his birth in 2001. As each new baby joined the family, she would branch out into new carrier styles. While always a babywearing advocate, Rachel became active in her local BWI group in early 2011 and became  a VBE by fall of that year with BWI of Chicagoland. In June 2013, she co-founded BWI of North Central IL to help cover a large area in the far suburbs.

When Rachel isnít busy with her kids and babywearing, she loves to knit, read and go hiking/geocaching. She is a trained doula, homebirth advocate and studying to become a midwife and herbalist.

North Central Regional Director

Jackie Borgh-Recznik is the mother of 5 children: Cameron (14), Connor (3), and her step-kids are Zack (22), Kathryn (20), and Rebecca (18). She wore her first in a Snuggli, has been wearing Connor since birth and is still wearing him! She co-founded BWI of South Metro Minneapolis.

Jackie enjoys musical theater and, recently, hand weaving. With all of her kidsí schedules she is currently a busy stay at home mom.

Southeast Regional Director

Michelle Li is mother to two boys, Rowan and Remy, both worn since birth. In Remy's case, he was worn just minutes after birth.  She has been babywearing for over four years and has been instrumental to the growth of babywearing awareness and outreach in the Atlanta metro area since 2010.

Michelle holds a BHA in piano and psychology and an MM in piano pedagogy.  Her non-BWI responsibilities include teaching piano and eurhythmics.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Leah Greer-Pinzaru is mother to four children, Roisin (born Dec 2001), Morgan (born Oct 2003), Sorin (born  March 2009) and Yasmin (born Jul 2011) and daytime caregiver to her niece Olivia (born Sep 2013). She has worn all of her children from birth and enjoys the opportunity to continue to use her skills to care for her niece.  She became involved with her local babywearing group in 2009, when her son was an infant, and helped co-found its BWI affiliation in 2011, as BWI of Delmarva.

In addition, to her babywearing education, Leah homeschools her four children and is active in the local parenting communities, advocating for homebirth, natural parenting and breastfeeding. She is also a real-foodie and part time urban-homesteader. When not tending the garden or the chickens, or fermenting something in the kitchen, she has been known to bellydance, often with a baby wrapped to her.

South Central Regional Director

Megan is mom to Adeline (November 2008), Josephine (April 2011), and is expecting a new wearee later this year.  She has been babywearing in some shape or form for the last 5 years and in May of 2012, she co-founded a local babywearing group. After helping to grow the group for a year, she assisted in guiding its journey towards becoming a BWI chapter and the group became BWI of Central Missouri in April of 2013.

Outside of BWI, Megan is a birth doula and Hypnobabies childbirth instructor.  She is passionate about birth advocacy and supporting other women as they welcome their little ones into the world. She enjoys CrossFit, spending time with family, reading, and the outdoors.

Northeast Regional Director

Meredith Sinclair is mama to Callum (Dec. 2008) and Eleanor (April 2011) and has been wearing both since birth.  She became involved with her local babywearing group in early 2009 and led its transition to a BWI group in 2011.  After serving BWI of the Triangle as a VBE and co-leader for two years, she relocated to New Haven, CT; there she has co-founded BWI of New Haven.

In her non-babywearing hours, Meredith is an assistant professor of Secondary English Education.  She is also involved in breastfeeding advocacy and education, runs a natural parenting blog, and travels as much as possible.

Southwest Regional Director

TaiLeah Madill, more often known as Tai, is mama to three kids, Miles (born Jan 2008), Quinn (born Sept 2010), and Maeve (born Jan 2013). She has worn all three kids from birth, sometimes two at one time! "I was introduced to Babywearing as a child by being worn myself, and seeing my family wear my sisters and cousins."

Tai has helped many parents learn to wear their little ones safely and comfortably for the last five years, through one-on-one instruction and through classes. She has been active with BWIP since its creation, joining the leadership as a VBE in the last year. Tai is also a strong advocate for homebirth and natural parenting. She enjoys reading, being outdoors, and new adventures.

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