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Renewal of Accreditation and Special Circumstances

How to keep your  accreditation current:

VBE: Attend meetings for your BWI group and comment on at least 4 continuing ed threads in the BWI forum each year.

ABE: Attend meetings for your BWI group and comment on at least  6 continuing ed threads in the BWI forum each year.

MBE: Attend meetings for your BWI groups, comment on at least 9 continuing ed threads in the BWI forum each year and one MBE training per year.

  • All accreditation require a yearly fee paid to BWI.
  • If your accreditation lapses you can either begin the process of certifying again, starting with VBE or you can challenge the accreditation process. There is a 6 month grace period to renew your accreditation every year.

How to challenge a BWI accreditation:

Challenging an accreditation is a simple process. Using another field of experience, let�s say you are a certified police officer in the state of Idaho and you want to be a certified police officer in the state of Wyoming. You have the option to start at the beginning and take all the classes and trainings all over again, or you can challenge the process. You would compile all your certifications, trainings and experience and turn it in to the certifying body. They would determine if those certs do in face replace their  process. If they approve it as such, you would take a test and if you pass, you would have successfully challenged the process and be certified in Wyoming.

Now, let's apply that to the babywearing world. For someone wanting to challenge for the VBE, ABE or MBE, you would do the following:

  •   Write a letter stating your intent to challenge the process and why you feel you should be able to do so.
  •    Compile any certifications and essentially write up a babywearing resume listing your experience.
  • Write the summary of approved reading if you are trying for ABE and write the research paper if you are trying for MBE.
  • Ask to take the in person/skype segment of the accreditatinon.
  • If you are challenging the MBE, you will still need 2 already certified MBEs to use as a reference. It is suggested that you challenge the VBE and ABE process first before attempting to challenge the MBE process. MBE challenges will rarely be granted without a little time as an accredited VBE and ABE.

If you follow these steps the board will take all of this and will either accept your challenge and certify you or they will deny your request to challenge. You will then need to complete the rest of the requirements for your accreditation level.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Kimber Tower. This page will be updated as more questions are asked so feel free to check back again.

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