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The Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Promoting Babywearing

The Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award is named in honor of leading babywearing advocate Vijay Owens; it recognizes lifetime achievement in babywearing advocacy.
Vijay and CharlotteAbout Vijay Owens: 

Vijay was born and raised in New York City. At 17, she used to wear her baby sister around town in a frame pack not knowing yet that babywearing would be such a big part of her adult life.

When her first daughter was born in 2003, Vijay discovered that the highly structured front carrier was just not comfortable for her or her baby. So her quest began to find a more comfortable option. Jennifer “Jenrose” Rosenberg guided her to the unpadded ring sling and the stretchy wrap and a love affair with slings was born.

Vijay helped Jenrose teach a sling workshop in December of 2003 and got hooked on teaching and advocacy. Vijay and Jenrose started brainstorming that same day about an international nonprofit organization that would support and promote babywearing just as La Leche League does breastfeeding.

Even after moving to a rural area in central VA in 2004, Vijay continued to spread the babywearing love, holding monthly meetings, teaching workshops at local baby stores, and running a sling library. Highlights of the past few years include having another child, leading a few sessions at the first ever babywearing conference in Portland, and getting a part time job (in the sling section, of course) at a local natural parenting store.

Sadly, Vijay’s daughters are now so big and busy they aren’t worn much anymore. But Vijay still enjoys borrowing newly minted demo babies at her sling workshops and showing grateful parents how to do “baby origami.”

2008 WINNER: Tracy Dower of The Mamatoto Project
2009 WINNER: Jen Norton, founder of www.TheBabywearer.com
2010 WINNER: Kristen DeRocha of Hotslings, Inc.
2012 WINNER: M'Liss Stelzer
2013 WINNER: Susie Spence

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