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Volunteer Opportunities

The easiest way to volunteer with Babywearing International is to contact your local chapter directly about volunteer opportunities in your community. However, we have a number of volunteer opportunities available with Babywearing International directly, working with the parent organization to benefit all chapters. BWI committee service may, with the approval of the Committee Chair and your Higher Accreditation Coordinator, be used to fulfill the requirement for an ABE or MBE project.


Board of Directors

Would you like an opportunity to shape the future of Babywearing International?

The BWI Governing Committee is currently taking applications for open positions on the BWI Board of Directors. Successful applicants will join the BoD after the candidates are approved by the BWI voting membership (CVs and NSVs) at the Annual Meeting Nov 15-21 on the forums on

This is a volunteer position with an expected time commitment of approximately 10 hours per week with some variation. Working hours are generally flexible, but Board members are expected to take part in monthly call-in meetings and occasional additional call-in meetings as required.

The Board of Directors is responsible for both the day to day operations and the long-term planning and strategy for BWI. As a working board, members are expected to keep up with ongoing daily conversations, to act as liaison to various committees, and to provide strategic and tactical guidance for the organization in both routine and crisis situations. Board members are involved in all aspects of the organization, and at least one board member is involved in every committee: becoming a Director is a great way to get to know the organization from a different perspective than chapter leadership!

Desirable characteristics for all candidates include:

– Committed to serving a 2 year term (with the possibility of multiple terms)

– Committed to our mission of making babywearing a universal practice, including improving chapter and organizational diversity and inclusivity

– Project management and team leadership skills

– Strong organizational skills

– Self motivated and able to motivate teams to complete projects on a deadline

– Detail oriented

– Vision, creativity and flexibility

– Comfortable communicating in text in a variety of forums (email, messaging, Basecamp, TBW, Facebook) with other BoD members, committees, CVs, sponsors and others

– Ability to interact professionally

– Comfortable representing the organization in the Babywearing community and separating personal opinions and chapter needs from the needs and stances of the organization

– Excited about reopening the organization to new US and international chapter affiliations, improving inclusivity and accessibility within our chapters and our organization-wide initiatives, along with building our educational resources for the babywearing community and beyond

Additional useful skills include:

– Secretary experience, including professional correspondence and formal meeting minutes for publication

– Treasurer experience, including overseeing professional bookkeepers and accountants

– Experience with midsize NPOs, especially international organizations

– Public relations expertise

– Human resources experience

All candidates should send a letter of intent, résumé or CV, and a list of potential evaluators with their contact information to by November 1, 2016.


Evaluators should include 3-5 people who can evaluate the candidate’s experience in a leadership role, and the leader (President or equivalent) of the babywearing group/chapter with whom the candidate works most closely. (Candidates may supply the name of the VP-equivalent if the applicant is the current president, or the name of the previous president).

If the applicant does not currently work with a BWI chapter or other babywearing group, please include the name of a direct supervisor in some other area whom GovCom can contact for an evaluation.

In addition, candidates should supply the names of any BWI national committees the candidate has worked with and the dates (if not current) when they served on the committee(s).
Both name and email for all evaluators needs be provided by the candidate.


Advertising Coordinator

Looking for an Advertising Coordinator for TBW. Volunteer would need to monitor their email and a google form, explain the options to potential advertisers, input details into a contract template, and upload ad copy into Google’s Doubleclick for Publishers. Training on DFP will be provided. Reach out to potential advertisers via email from time to time in order to fill advertising space.

Approximately 5 to 8 hours of work per month.

Questions or interest should be directed to Beth Rosa at


For all job calls below, please send an email of interest to Please use the subject line to indicate your desired project in order to help organization. Letters of interest should include name, chapter, position in chapter, other national committee involvement, and a brief statement of why you are interested or a good fit for these positions. Please send all emails of interest by Friday, October 28th.

Facebook Group Moderator(s): The BWI Social Media committee is seeking experienced moderators of large groups who are familiar with our organizational structure, knowledgeable about social justice, and prepared to help move our Facebook group forward. Moderators will be tasked with developing rules, directing chapter volunteers to appropriate contacts and resources, and facilitating group conversations, brainstorming, etc while creating a safe environment for all.

Facebook Public Page Moderator(s): This position would be charged with helping to schedule content created by a volunteer advertising professional, help to create additional content, share similar pages/missions, answer public questions, interact with followers, and manage messages sent to the page. This position is housed under the social media committee.

Instagram Manager(s): Share photos from the CV group, BWI educational resources, photos from future photo database, and re-share chapters photos. This position is housed under the social media committee.

Pinterest Manager(s): Clean up old boards/pins, create new clean boards, pin resources such as graphics, tutorials, blog posts, etc. This position is housed under the social media committee.

Blogger(s): The social media committee is seeking series bloggers interested in writing monthly or quarterly blog posts. Please include some topic ideas in your email for this position.

Photo Database Manager: This position will be a voting member of the Education Action Committee. As a voting member of the Education Action Committee, you will be responsible to help review all team projects, attend a monthly conference call (first Thursday of the month at 9pm EST), and finally to develop and lead a team as needed to complete and manage your project. This position would create and organize a way to submit and tag/label photos as a BWI photo database so all chapter volunteers have access to photos for use in teaching, market materials, or on social media, etc.

Graphics Team Leader: This position will be a voting member of the Education Action Committee. As a voting member of the Education Action Committee, you will be responsible to help review all team projects, attend a monthly conference call (first Thursday of the month at 9pm EST), and finally to develop and lead a team as needed to complete and manage your project. This position will help to organize and direct the current graphic committee team in order to produce needed resources and graphics. Familiarity with Piktochart and graphic skills are a bonus but are not required.

Graphics Team Member(s): The Graphics Team is looking for graphic designers, tech savvy volunteers, and idea people! Come help this committee develop the resources that you have been dreaming of having.

Graphic Designer(s): The Translations team of the Education Action Committee is seeking a skilled graphic designer who is able to place translated text arranged by the team leader into our existing brochures and graphics.

VBE Training Module Project: The Moodle team of the Education Action Committee is looking for copy editing volunteers. The time expectation is 2-3 hours each week for the next two weeks. For this job call only, please send your letter of interest to

Communications Manual Team/Diversity and Inclusion Expert : This Education Action Committee team is seeking diversity specialists to help create and complete a guide for communications with other chapter volunteers, members, manufacturers and retailers, etc. This project needs additional development and knowledge of diversity, cultural appropriation, dealing with microaggressions and -isms, etc. Communications Manual Project Description : “Online communication is a complex and unique part of managing a Babywearing International chapter.  We communicate with other leaders, group members, and our community using online forums and resources.  The Online Communication Team gathered under the Education Action Committee has compiled this collection of resources and ideas that have worked for other chapters.  Each community is different, but these ideas will help you to create a positive environment that works for your team and your members.”

Employment Opportunities

Job listings are posted here as they come up, so please check back for new employment opportunities!