Belief Statements

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One of the tools that Babywearing International uses to guide its policy decisions is a set of belief statements.  It’s our hope that these will clear up any misunderstandings about what BWI does and doesn’t teach.  Ultimately, BWI envisions a world in which babywearing is a natural part of child-rearing, and our beliefs support our work towards that goal.


Our Belief Statements:

1. Baby carriers are powerful tools for parents and caregivers, enabling them to hold their babies more comfortably, more securely, and longer than they would otherwise.


2. The practice of using baby carriers, known as babywearing, is beneficial for both children and caregivers. Babywearing fulfills a child’s need to be held, while its utility makes the lives of caregivers easier.


3. Babywearing promotes bonding between children and their caregivers.


4. All types of baby carriers have value, and caregivers have the benefit of a wide range of available options.


5. Baby carriers should be comfortable for both child and caregiver, and can be used for as long as is mutually desired by children and their caregivers.


6. Babywearing is compatible with any parenting style or philosophy.

7. With education and support, children and caregivers can benefit from the ease, comfort, and utility of babywearing.


Why do you wear?  Share your story in the comments!