International Babywearing Week: Share the Adventure

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Babywearing International has been very busy this summer getting ready for International Babywearing Week. This year’s theme is Share the Adventure. We are really looking forward to seeing what all the groups come up with. Here are the daily themes with some suggestions:

  • Shout it Out Sunday! – Shout it all the way to the roof-tops (or Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!): We love babywearing! What role has the internet and social media played in your babywearing experience? What can you do today to be heard (and seen) in your community? Organize a flash mob. Arrange a volunteer opportunity. Take to the streets (or malls, or zoos!) and show other caregivers what babywearing is all about. Be sure to shout it out on social media! ‪#‎IntlBabywearingWeek‬
  • Momentum Monday – Use today to gain some momentum for the week: How does babywearing help you get your week started? What fun ideas can you come up with to get your group excited for the week? How about a music video? Scavenger hunt? Babywearing bingo?
  • Teach Me Tuesday – Take time to learn a new technique or carry. Have someone in your life with whom you’ve wanted to share babywearing? Now is the time; teach them one-on-one or host a “Babywearing 101” class.
  • Work Out Wednesday – Plan a 1 mile walk. Host a babywearing yoga or work-out class. Whatever you choose, get moving and have fun!
  • Throwback Thursday – Share pictures of your first time wearing, a favorite babywearing memory, or the people who introduced you or who you have introduced to babywearing.‪#‎TBT‬ #IntlBabywearingWeek
  • Flexible Friday – What adventures have you had that might not be possible without babywearing? Hiked a mountain? Walked the beach? Played with older kids while caring for a newborn? Simply survived the grocery store with multiple kids? Share pictures and your experiences.
  • Share Your City Saturday – What defines your town, city, region or area? Meet as a group at your city’s earmark to show the rest of the babywearing world the adventures you can share in your community.


Don’t forget to register your group as an official celebrating organization! We are also accepting nominations for the International Babywearing Week Awards, so go here to nominate your favorite person or group.

And of course, don’t forget to share your pictures with us using the #IntlBabywearingWeek hashtag!





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