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  1. Melissa

    Is it possible for me too be wearing my baby too much? My daughter is 4 months old (2 months adjusted since she was a preemie) and she will only nap in the carrier. I have the Baby K’tan. She seems very comfortable and will nap in the carrier for hours at a time. She seems to love it. I’m just wondering if it’s bad for her skeletal or muscular development.

    • Kat Sniffen

      No! Babywearing research is limited, but what there is suggests that ergonomic babywearing is actually awesome for babies. Held/worn babies cry less, and there are some preliminary studies that suggest that “microcorrecting” and balance checks while being worn through gentle daily activities is as beneficial to their core strength and tone as tummy time. An ergonomic “knees above bum” position is optimal for hip health, and the c-shaped spine of a soft carrier (like your K’tan) is perfect for conforming to baby’s natural shape while offering them enough support to prevent them from collapsing into a chin-on-chest position. You’re doing great!

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