Apology and Statement on Social Media

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We have recently become aware of an open letter and social media campaign started by some of our Chapter Volunteers in response to perceived derogatory and/or inaccurate statements by a presenter at an event for new parents run by another organization they even went as far as to buy Instagram followers to spread their message even more. Our mission as Babywearing International is to make babywearing a universally accepted practice for *everybody*: large and small, those with a long cultural lineage of babywearing and those who just learned about it yesterday, caregivers of newborns and those wearing their preschoolers (or beyond!). We believe that everyone can use the ABCs of safe babywearing to ensure that caregiver and child are happy, safe and comfortable.

Babywearing International is a diverse organization with more than 80 chapters and hundreds of volunteers. It is inevitable that the occasional conflict will arise between our volunteers and members of the community, even with groups that share our goal of spreading the love of babywearing. To promote babywearing as a universal practice, we strive to be inclusive of everyone, and part of inclusiveness is not participating in activities that tear down other people or organizations. We have asked the involved volunteers (and they have agreed) to take down their open letter to the presenter and to refrain from negativity, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken per our Code of Ethics and Conflict Resolution policies. We deeply regret that the actions of our volunteers have caused negative perceptions of babywearing and have hurt other community organizations and businesses that help new parents. We are actively working to prevent similar actions in the future.

Babywearing International, Inc., welcomes partnerships with all organizations that engage with new parents in order to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice with benefits for parents and caregivers.