Babywearing Is for Everyone!

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Thanks to guest blogger Cynthia Soliz of BWI Austin!

BWI is all about Babywearers! You, fellow babywearer, are the heart and soul of our organization. It’s time to get back to what is at our core. We’re working internally and externally to see how we can make sure ALL babywearers feel welcomed and supported and in that spirit, we are sharing some social media that emphasizes the spirit of that message: BWI unconditionally accepts and supports ALL babywearers!

Here at Babywearing International, we love babywearers! Do we only love Wrappers? No. Do we only love fit and trim people to wear their babies? No. Do we say that some type of babywearing is superior to other babywearing?


Uhm, definitely not.

We only care about one thing, that you are wearing your baby safely. We have an Unconditional Acceptance policy here at Babywearing International, and we mean unconditional.

When I came to the organization, I had owned a ring sling for four years that I didn’t know how to use. After being a SSC-only babywearer, I wanted to learn other carriers and I learned to use them safely. As a person of color, I always felt welcomed and included. In fact, I learned the traditional carries of my ancestors right here in Austin. I bought a rebozo and it has been a beloved part of my collection ever since. I’m appreciative of the education I received in my own culture about babywearing.


In my own community, I have been subject to derogatory remarks about babywearing and it saddened me tremendously. I am eternally grateful that BWI is a safe place of unconditional acceptance. Where I am free to wear my baby, wear my preschooler, be a person of color, even be a sloppy rail tightener (I am) and STILL be unconditionally accepted. But, I’m not the only one.

We unconditionally accept all babywearers. #wearallthebabies and #loveALLthebabywearers. Seriously.

Are we an organization of “mommies?” Not really. We believe that babywearing creates a family. Daddy babywearers are super!


This is Gabriel. He’s a stepdad and has used babywearing as a way to bond with his step son. We think that’s awesome because we unconditionally accept ANY types of families and believe that babywearing has the power to create family ties. Family is more than biology.


We love Adopted-baby Wearing. It’s such a beautiful thing to see a little one snuggle up to his or her new mom or dad. Here’s Baby T snuggled up with Daddy.


When asked about babywearing this family said to Baby T, “I may not have carried you for your first three trimesters, but I will carry you for your fourth.”

Oh, but we do have mommies, too.


We think babywearing doesn’t necessarily have to be done by the primary or even secondary caregiver. Here is my Little Bit being worn by her grandma. Not only do we unconditionally accept all babywearers, we LOVE babywearing caregivers!


How about this beautiful grandma babywearer, being able to hold her granddaughter despite physical limitations? When the spirit is more willing than the body, babywearing came to the rescue for her. I love this story.

Your creed, orientation, religion, ethnic background, size, age—all of this is to be celebrated! Regardless of your background, we appreciate and need you in our community! You are a babywearer first and we are unconditionally accepting of you… and your selfies!


Perhaps my favorite stories are the ones where babywearing has helped overcome an obstacle, given parents more confidence in their own parenting, or helped them create a space for calm. Whatever your child’s situation is, we unconditionally accept you.

Meet Candace, mother of four, whose husband has been deployed as a military contractor. Babywearing has become a daily necessity for this sole 24 hour a day caregiver. “I have safely and confidently worn my babies, and have been unconditionally encouraged and supported through our local babywearing group.”


Unconditional Acceptance means just that. Whether your kid has sensory issues and babywearing keeps you sane, or you are a parent who works outside the home full time and babywearing helps you connect, you are a babywearer to us.

Tandem Babywearing?

Tandem wearing my beautiful twins?
Awwww! Accepted!

What if I babywear with droids?
10993091_10152762230553722_1094951580508481536_n Accepted.

Sleepy Babywearing?
11005613_10155195445695375_1964553850_n Accepted (quietly as to not wake the baby).

Newborn NICU Babies?
10509527_10153129597936983_2888967578133590405_n Accepted.

GIANT Preschool Wearing?
936727_660193550668301_367073674_n Accepted.

Plane Camping Babywearing?
11005605_10206285086270026_1969648598_nThat’s a thing? Accepted.

Plus-sized Momma Babywearing?
981810_143753735833554_799577266_o Beautiful! Accepted.

Dog Wearing?

That’s cool, but I don’t think our insurance covers that.

Fake Babywearing?
10563075_10203631336896382_554438815227809579_n Uhm, Sure.

Crawfish Babywearing?
Uhmm… What?

Ultimately, there is but one universal truth: we are all trying to make our way on this journey of parenthood. Lets be kind to each other, encourage one another, and find our generosity of spirit. When we encourage another babywearer, that’s what BWI is about. Hi, friend. #loveALLthebabywearers

Think there is something we can do to better improve the babywearing experience for all? We’re all ears! Currently, we’re working through our Regional Directors to gather as much input as possible, and taking applications for our new Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee. You can also leave us a comment here! We love to hear from you!

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    I love this article. BWI continues to do such excellent things! We are growing two groups locally right now. It’s awesome.

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    week, I shared a two part sreies from Mommy Expert Vivian on understanding baby carriers, and today, I wanted to share which baby carriers we considered and ultimately selected for Vince