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Once upon a time, learning your ABCs meant unlocking the key to a world of literary possibilities. Today, it can mean unlocking the keys to safe babywearing. Babywearing International has put together a graphic with a new form of ABCs: the ABCs of safe babywearing.

A stands for Airway: Is child’s chin off her chest, is she visible and kissable, is air circulating around that sweet little face?

Babies are visible and oh-so-kissable!

B stands for Body Positioning: Does the carrier support baby in a developmentally-appropriate manner? Especially for younger babies, ideal positioning includes a well-supported child whose knees are higher than her bottom.

Knees higher than bum, back smoothly supported.

C stands for Comfort: Are YOU comfortable wearing and using your carrier? Don’t be afraid to use a spotter until you can safely and confidently execute the carries you want to use. Does your carrier fit well for your body type and needs? There is a large variety of carrier options, so don’t give up your search for the perfect one for you!

Abe might want to get those passes off his neck a bit for greater comfort.
Abe might find that getting those passes off his neck will increase his comfort.

Now that YOU know your ABCs–again–save yourself a copy of our handy infographic showing this quick assessment.


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  1. Linda

    Hi, I was needing to know if I could wear an older child? They are 31 pounds. Would back wearing be better? I’m 52, have some mild back issues, but hoping this would not prevent wearing a child. Thank you.

    • Kat Sniffen

      Absolutely! It’s important to listen to your body, but older/heaver children can definitely be worn. I personally wear my 30# toddler (22m) on my hip or back daily, and my 50# preschooler very occasionally. Hands-on help can be really helpful in addressing your specific issues and finding a carrier that doesn’t aggravate your back—check out our list of chapters to see if there’s one near you or look at the big list of BWI and non-BWI babywearing groups on TBW