National Volunteer Week, part 1

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knoxvilleTNIt’s National Volunteer Week and that means we are celebrating. Babywearing International is an organization run completely by volunteers. Each individual chapter is run by local volunteers. Local chapters are grouped into regions to be supported by Regional Directors – who are volunteers. The Board of Directors is all volunteers. Our organization does not exist without each and every one of our committed and dedicated volunteers.

To all volunteers and Chapter Support Volunteers (CSVs), we thank you for your dedication and support. You take on roles such a welcome committee, member management, director of finance, web site manager, and more! You are appreciated by your chapter, your local community, and all of BWI. You help to make sure that meetings are running smoothly and that there are smiling faces at the door to welcome new caregivers to their first meetups.

To our Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs), we thank you for your dedication to our beliefs. You work daily to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice and to provide education and support to your local community. We appreciate the time and energy that you put into building your communities, your lending libraries, and your knowledge of different carriers and techniques.

To the Advanced Babywearing Educators (ABEs), thank you. You have worked to not only foster your local community but to improve all of BWI’s chapters. You have worked on a project using your time and talent for the good of the organization.

Thank you to our Master Babywearing Educators (MBEs). You put hours into building your local communities AND building our organization. You may help new educators to learn more or serve on a BWI committee. You help to administer skill assessment tests to VBE candidates.

Regional Directors (both current and past), we have lots of appreciation for you! You work many, MANY hours behind the scenes of this organization. You support babywearing groups who are seeking affiliation and support current chapters’ needs and questions. You have been essential in keeping the organization strong while having grown so fast.

To our committee members who work or have worked on an national and international platform; International Babywearing Week Committee, International Babywearing Conference Committee, Education Action Committee, Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee, or Social Media – those of you affiliated and those of you not, thank you for your support. Your passion has helped to improve our organization.

To each and every one of you committed and working to serve this organization, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate what you do. You are the public faces of our organization. You are the ones putting in the hours and taking care of your local communities. You are the ones providing free education and support to all the caregivers joining your online groups or attending a free meetup. Thank you for all that you do.

The Babywearing International Board of Directors

**Stay tuned this week for a features on a few volunteers who are working hard to promote babywearing and help their local communities.**

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