National Volunteer Week, part 2

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We are celebrating National Volunteer Week and posed a question to our group of volunteers. We asked, “Who is doing a great job lately and really putting in some extra hours?” Here is one of the answers we received.

TaiLeah Madill said, “Rhiannon is our head librarian and responsible for posting all our meetings and events and putting out the announcements. She just had a baby a little over a month ago, but within a few hours after birth she was updating after a meeting! She has been instrumental in keeping our library running smoothly and staying on top of carriers borrowed. ”

Rhiannon Deason is a Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE) with BWI of Phoenix, and she holds the position of Head Librarian. Rhiannon started wearing almost three years ago when her son was born. He had reflux and hated being in the car seat or stroller. After he was diagnosed with autism, wearing became crucial for them.

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Rhiannon became a VBE so that she could help others learn how to wear and keep their babies close. She also really loves helping babies and parents to show them that everyone can wear or be worn. Her favorite part of being a VBE is the friends that she has made since joining and the ability to constantly help new parents wear their babies. She loves being able to help make babywearing more mainstream!


Stay tuned tomorrow for another volunteer highlight!


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