National Volunteer Week, Part 3

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We are celebrating National Volunteer Week and posed a question to our group of volunteers. We asked, “Who is doing a great job lately and really putting in some extra hours?” Jessica Seary Ashley nominated Lua Mellman.

IMG_7729Lua Mellman is a Chapter Support Volunteer (CSV) with BWI of Gainesville and holds the position of Vice President of Administrative Affairs, which means she does library coordination, quarterly reports and financial reports, among other things.

Jessica Seary Ashley tells us, “Lua has taken on so many roles that others don’t want to do. She keeps us all organized, she is very sensitive to our members needs/wants to get them the help they need, and she has done a TON of behind the scenes work! She does all of this with very little recognition and I am very thankful for her!”

Lua always knew she was going to wear her baby because she had always seen people wearing. However, after a very difficult birth and postpartum, and with a baby who went to the NICU, she wasn’t able to wear right away. She wasn’t even able to hold her baby right away! Lua felt as though she lost some of the crucial bonding that is supposed to happen directly after giving birth and babywearing has allowed her to reclaim some of that lost connection. She remembers how frustrating it was not having anyone in the NICU with answers regarding babywearing and wants to help other parents get their questions answered.

She started volunteering with her chapter because, at the time; only two people were running it and she saw a need that she could fill. Lua loves her chapter and she loves how welcoming it is. She knows how important that help was to her in her time of need.



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  1. Nicole Taft

    Lua is so amazing, she deserves so much recognition for what she does not just in this group but for SO SO many different volunteer groups. Wonderful & busy woman/mother. ❤️