National Volunteer Week, part 4.

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Libby R1

Babywearing International is celebrating National Volunteer Week and we asked our volunteers, “Who is doing a great job lately and really putting in some extra hours?”

Holly McCroskey Lewis’ response was Libby Rivera, a VBE for BWI of the Bay Area. Holly says, “Libby has been working two demanding jobs – one as a NICU RN, getting certified as a lactation consultant, starting her own consulting business, and gestating her 4th child; in addition to the normal work of raising both a tween and a toddler plus another in the middle! But none of that stopped her from organizing, recruiting for, and implementing a brand new VBE training program for our chapter! Libby also pretty much runs our FB page and is very active in the FB group and with maintaining our website.”

Libby does not hold an official position within her chapter but is the de facto Education Committee and Social Media Chair with her chapter. Libby started babywearing in 2004 for the simple reason that her family had one car and she needed to get around with her baby. Her second baby led her to learn more about the bonding benefits of babywearing and she found the love of wraps with her third baby. Now she is expecting baby number four and is looking forward to even more babywearing.

Libby became a VBE because of a strong desire to give back to her babywearing community, which was a lifesaver for her after struggling with postpartum depression after her third baby. She was compelled to give back to the community who has supported her during that time.

She loves teaching babywearing, and especially loves that moment when the baby and caregiver just sink into a carrier and you can see that pure comfort, relief and awe on their face. Sharing that feeling  of comfort, support, and security is what keeps Libby volunteering, she always says that she would even get a spy gear to make sure her baby is safe.

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