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Baby Bjorn

BabyBjörn is a well known name in the babywearing community. BabyBjörn has worked with Babywearing International over the last few years and has helped to support our mission to make babywearing a universally accepted practice. Join us for an interview with Bridgette Kovacevich, the marketing manager for BabySwede LLC and Cathy Dean, Vice President of Programs and Development for the BWI Board of Directors.

Cathy Dean: Tell us a little bit about yourself and about the history and mission of BabyBjörn.

Bridgette Kovacevich: BabyBjörn is located in Sweden and began in 1961. Their mission has always been to provide product solutions for parents that focus on safety, quality, and style. Mostly known for baby carriers, a little known secret is the very first item that BabyBjörn introduced was the baby bouncer! It’s a true family story, so check out the link here to find out more:

BabyBjörn is passionate about creating the best carriers that are easy to use, secure and safe to help promote the bond between baby and parent. “Carrying a newborn close to your heart is like being in seventh heaven,” said BabyBjörn’s founder Björn Jakobson. The goal is simple – for parents to love carrying their children and for the baby to love being carried by their parents.

I am the Marketing Manager for BabySwede LLC, which distributes BabyBjörn products to North America. I came to love BabyBjörn long before I worked for the company – I was a huge BabyBjörn fan with the birth of my first daughter, and that quickly grew bigger with the addition of my twin daughters a few years later. The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Original was indispensable during those crazy days of three little ones! I would put one baby in the carrier, carry the other baby with a free arm and still have a hand free to keep ahold of my three year-old!

Alicia Moellenkamp of BWI of Cleveland wearing one of the newer Baby Bjorns which allows for an ergonomic back carry position.

Cathy: What is the most meaningful part about working with parents and caregivers for you?

Bridgette: Oh, wow! There are so many answers to that – I would say sharing my experience and showing them that the best part of wearing a BabyBjörn baby carrier is that not only is it safe and comfortable, but it’s the best way to keep your little one close to you. There’s nothing better that having your baby nestled against your chest, sound asleep and secure. There are really no words for it. And that’s what expecting parents don’t know yet. It’s more than a carrier – it’s a way for the baby to get to know mom or dad. That’s a beautiful thing.

Dallas Burton from BWI of Gainsville loves the easy of the Bjorn We!
A babywearing dad from BWI of Cleveland also in the Bjorn One.
A babywearing dad from BWI of Cleveland also in the Bjorn One.


Cathy: What are some of the best features of your carriers? Who are they designed for? What makes you most excited about them?

Bridgette: So, first there are four different BabyBjörn carriers to choose from, which means there is a carrier for everyone – mom, dad, or other caregivers to little babies, toddlers, and really for everyone at every stage! You have to figure out what type of carrier will be the best fit for your and your baby.

I wore the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Original for the first year with all three of my babies. I was comfortable and so were they and my husband enjoyed wearing it, too. The carriers have padded straps, a clean design and they are really easy to use. There’s also added security when you hear the “click” of the buckles on the carrier.

The new Baby Carrier One is probably the best, most comfortable carrier available – not only is it great for newborns but now, you can use a BabyBjörn carrier with your older child/toddler and easily transition them from front to back, with no help. It’s so easy and my kids loved being carried on my back. It was like the endless piggy-back ride, and what toddler doesn’t love that!


Cathy: What draws BabyBjörn to support BWI?

Bridgette: BWI, like BabyBjörn, is passionate about bonding with baby and making sure that children are nutured and secure. They both have the same philosophy – carry babies to help promote bonding, comfort, and safety. It just makes sense to support each other!

Cathy: At BWI we’re thrilled about your new ergonomic carriers the One and the We (at least one of which is now available in most BWI lending libraries)—can you tell us a little bit about why you created those carriers, who they are aimed at, and where do you look for feedback and input for creating new designs?

Bridgette: The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One and Baby Carrier We are the next generation carriers for the brand. They are innovative, beyond comfortable, and will literally carry your baby from newborn all the way up to 3 years old. I am so excited about these carriers because of the versatility and convenience they offer to families. Baby can be carried in the front and then transition to the back when they are 12 months or older – it’s super easy to do! They really are the only carriers you need since you can use them from day one all the way up to age 3! And I have to tell you, moms love this new line, but dads really love it,too! The carriers fit a dad’s body so they feel comfortable carrying their child, at any stage. The design teams in Sweden worked with pediatricians and medical experts throughout every stage of the design process, and it shows. They really are the best carriers we’ve ever introduced!

Photo from BWI of the Cedar Valley

Cathy: Is there anything else you think we should know? Any questions we didn’t ask? Any exciting plans in the works?

Bridgette: Well, there’s always something exciting in the works at BabyBjörn and we will keep you posted! Just this past year, we introduced our Limited Edition Dots by Karin collection (available at and it’s been a huge hit! It’s trendy, modern, and has all the benefits of a great BabyBjörn carrier. I’m sure there will be more fun introductions in the future!

The only other thing I would mention is about choosing a baby carrier. It’s so important to find a carrier that fits your lifestyle and body type, which is why BabyBjörn offers four distinct designs. We always encourage new parents to try on the different carrier styles to help decide which carrier is right for them. And that’s also why we offer the Baby Carrier Guide on our website:


Thank you to BabyBjörn and Bridgette Kovacevich for joining us to tell you more about their new products and how they started. BabyBjörn is a double diamond sponsor of Babywearing International. This means that you can find their carriers in most of our chapters libraries. Visit one of our chapters to try these carriers on in person!