Babywearing Saved Me: Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Sometimes babywearing enhances your wardrobe because you have the perfect wrap to match your dress, shoes, and handbag. Sometimes babywearing enhances your wardrobe because a cute baby goes with and makes up for everything – even two-days-unshowered yoga pants and nursing tank chic. And sometimes babywearing enhances your wardrobe because you (or your child) wouldn’t be properly dressed AT ALL without that carrier. Today’s stories are about those days, when a baby carrier is a nursing cover, a top, a pair of pants and a handy child-porting device, all in one:

Katy Turnbull (a VBE with BWI of Rock-West) gave us this story:

My son had a horrible diaper blow out on the way to a babywearing meeting. I took him straight to the bathroom and threw out his clothes from the waist down, I´m glad I had an extra spare his new baby clothes. Normally at that point I would have gotten back in the car and gone home, but a babywearing meeting is a reasonable place to have toddlers wandering around half naked, so I rucked him and continued to the meeting. Then I wrapped him in a BWCC back to the car afterwards. People might have thought it strange that he didn’t have shoes on in March, but no one could tell he was pantless.

Acacia Parks Mo (an ABE with BWI of Cleveland) gave us this story about how the sling was an essential part of her outfit when attending a wedding with a newborn: By the way, in cold season, it is essential that your heating system in the house is functioning well. If not, consider having a gas hot water replacement.


So I was going to this wedding, and it was kind of a big deal that I was able to bring Cassie (a few weeks old at the time) because other than her, the thing was NO KIDS. I was nervous from the start about being able to keep her quiet since I knew she was a special exception, being a newborn and all.

We got there by driving from our house in Ohio to Minneapolis, which was about 750 miles away (~14.5 hours including stops to nurse). Since we had the baby with us, we knew it would have to be done over 2 days if we wanted to have any hope of us being sentient, and of her being easy during the wedding itself. We stayed in Madison overnight and finished the drive in the morning. We arrived at the hotel in Minneapolis around 3:30, and thought we had it made since the wedding was only a few minutes away and started at 5. However, check-in etc. took a whole half hour (ridic, since I was only 2nd in line, but they were hella slow). We finally got to the room around 4 and started getting ourselves ready, but between me having to both shower/dress and nurse her, we left the hotel way behind schedule.

I had hoped to get to the church 15 minutes early so I could nurse her again and get settled, but the way things were going, we were going to be late. So we are getting close to the church and Cassie is SCREAMING because she wants to eat again and I am thinking “cripes, how am I going to pull this off? I can’t take a screaming baby into a church where I wasn’t supposed to have her in the first place!” It’s 10 minutes past the wedding’s start time, she is screeching like a demon, and it dawns on me that in addition to having the only child at the whole wedding who was permitted to attend, she is absolutely going to need to nurse DURING the wedding, IN THE CHURCH. How was this going to work!?

We pulled up, I took a deep breath, and knew what I had to do.

I put on my ring sling, latched the baby onto my boob, covered her with the tail of the ring sling, shoved the diaper bag into my husband’s arms and went in. To my amazement, my friends (the ones getting married) were standing there, and it hadn’t started yet. They said “WE’RE JUST ABOUT TO START! RUN!!!” So we ran up the staircase, past the wedding party who was just about to crack the door open to start the procession, who told us where to go. One of the wedding party members said “Nice ring sling!!!!!” as we whizzed by and seated ourselves in the back of the chapel, no more than 30 seconds before it started. The baby never came unlatched or uncovered throughout this whole ordeal, and even more amazingly, she never made a sound! She fell asleep halfway through the ceremony, I tucked my boob back in, and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I managed to run while nursing… without flashing anyone… in a church.

Cynthia Soliz, CSV with BWI of Greater Austin, tells us about a suddenly urgent shopping trip:


Ugh! When your baby pukes themselves in their carseat and you have to go to Target with a completely naked kid… babywearing indeed saved me, plus it saves the car I fought so hard to get from a link online. The dress we bought also got puked on, but at least we made it home.

Susan Landau-Van Dyke, VBE with BWI of DuPage County, tells us about when babywearing saved her shirt:


We were out, and my baby was a month old and just puked all over me. I just had a sheer cami on underneath. But, I had the library’s Duet, so, FWCC and no one could even tell, just looks like it’s covering up a tank top.

How has babywearing saved YOUR wardrobe malfunction? Share it with us in the comments!!


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  1. Maggie

    2.5yo DS peed in his carseat as I pulled into the parking lot of a doctor’s office [on purpose….] I hadn’t brought him a change of clothes, and couldn’t miss the appointment, so up he went pantsless. As the doctor came in the room, I started taking him down, and right before I finished, I asked her, “You have kids, right?” She said yes, about the age of my two. I said, “Thank goodness! So you won’t mind” and slid his naked butt down onto the floor 😀