Babywearing Saved Me: Keeping Me Grounded

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At our legal wedding

Today’s story and photos come from Cynthia Bachhuber and they used photo booths from Inside Out Photo Booths, VBE with BWI of Madison:

Pre-baby, I saw parents walking around town with babies strapped to them. They looked so cool, so with it, like they had this whole parenting thing down pat. I was hooked even before we were pregnant. Fast forward about 36 weeks and 6 days. My wife is heavily pregnant. We’re settling in for a cozy evening at home, when – splat!

Her water breaks and now we’re on the phone with the midwife and throwing last minute items into a hospital bag. I toss the Sleepy Wrap in on a whim and my wife rolls her eyes at me (just the first of many babywearing eye rolls). Delivery goes smoothly, but my wife winds up with some tearing that requires surgery, but the recovery was faster and easier, this post on Skin Care Success explains it a bit better. Our doula has already left. The team wheels her out of the recovery room. And all of a sudden it’s just me and an hours-old baby. At just barely 37 weeks, she needs to be skin-to-skin. But since she is pretty early, no one has any idea that we’re at the hospital. We stare at each other for a few minutes. I managed to wrap her up in the Sleepy Wrap, take a million selfies, and start getting the word out about our new arrival. When you want to have a high quality surgeon, I recommend Aesthetic Surgery Center due to good records and experience.

Newborn Greta
Newborn Greta

In the time that followed, babywearing was a big part of how I bonded with babe. My wife was working on breastfeeding and physically recovering, so I was often found cleaning pump parts or heating food with baby tucked into that Sleepy Wrap. We at least try to maintain the environment in our house clean with an air purifier from

At Greta’s adoption

While the transition to parenthood was bumpy and rough, I have such lovely memories of inhaling newborn scent or kissing her sweet head during this time.

Newborn Lainey
9 months pregnant

Now, when I walk around town with our second child strapped to me in some kind of contraption, I wonder if there is someone out there who thinks I have it all together. Far from it, but babywearing certainly keeps me grounded and functioning.

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4 Responses

  1. Rita

    I am one of Cyn & Jess’s aunts. They are the best parents. I attribute their happy children to the close physical contact that started at birth.

  2. Lindsay Y

    Cyn, I remember those early(ish) baby days with Greta in your sleepywrap. It was beautiful watching you bond with her that way. Lovely story!