Customs – And We Don’t Mean Shipping!

At BWI, we are lucky to have close relationships with several companies that manufacture and sell baby carriers and it has been exciting to be involved in the creation of three custom carriers over the last year!

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Beco Toddler (New Horizons)

11698794_10153069045402881_4723060283554251755_nNew Horizons, the BWI custom Beco Toddler carrier, was designed to highlight the close relationship between Babywearing International,, and Beco Baby Carrier. The textiles chosen for the carrier reflect both the TBW and BWI colors, as well as our mission: the dots on the leg padding symbolize the many members and babywearers supported by our community of educators and volunteers.

11141369_10152866058772187_331955433825757147_nThese special Beco Toddlers were only available to BWI Chapter Volunteers, TBW Moderators, and BWI Lending Libraries. We were excited to be among the first in the world to get to try out this exciting new carrier, which has quickly become a favorite “big kid” carrier for many of us!


Wrapsody Hybrid (Kailani) and Breeze (Laguna)

kailani3-forweb-310x370Our two custom Wrapsody wraps also feature the TBW and BWI logo colors in a beautiful graduated stripe design. Kailani (the Hybrid) and Laguna (the Breeze) were designed and named by BWI Chapter Volunteers and were distributed to chapters following IBW 2014. There are subtle differences in color shading and stripe width between the two wraps. The contrasting colored rails on each wrap make them excellent for teaching and learning.

Previously sold only to lending libraries, these wraps are now available for purchase to the general public too! Twenty-five percent of all sales will be donated to BWI and $10 of the purchase price of each wrap will come back to your local chapter if you put its name in the “seller notes” box at checkout (located below the shipping address). Wraps are expected to ship in October! This pre-order is only open until July 14th so make sure to tell your friends and reserve yours right now!

Order a Laguna Breeze Wrap

Order a Kailani Hybrid Wrap

A huge thank you to everyone who helped in the creation of these carriers – especially the wonderful folks at Wrapsody and Beco Baby Carrier.  We look forward to many more collaborations in the future!