Educator to Educator – Robin’s Hip Carry Tips

11655539_10152887536082187_945271651_nOne of my absolute favorite parts of being an MBE and a Higher Accreditation Regional Director with Babywearing International is interacting with individuals from chapters around the entire nation. Along the way, I have learned so many new tips and tricks for different carries! Today I am going to share some of the tips and tricks I have picked up for teaching Robin’s Hip Carry.

Robin’s Hip Carry is one of the first hip carries most people learn. It is fairly easy, can be done with a long or short wrap, and is an easy transition into wrapping  for those who have experience with a ring sling.

A note on hip carries: they are not truly centered on the hip, but are actually off-centered front carry.

  • Start with the middle marker just slightly behind the back of one shoulder
    • Hint: this will be the shoulder that supports the carry
  • Bring the front half of the wrap forward over your shoulder
    • Hint: Keep it gathered rather than allowing it to spread across your shoulder
  • Reach behind you with your opposite arm and spread the wrap across your back
  • Gather this fabric and bring it across your front and over the other half of the wrap
    • Hint: I find it helpful to pin it under that arm for a moment.

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  • Take the part that has been hanging down until now, and flip it straight up and back over that same shoulder
  • A key tip at this point is to hold tension on that tail. Doing this sets the anchor point at the hollow of your shoulder (the same position you would use for the rings on a ring sling):
    • If you have a long wrap, bring it around your body and pin it between your knees
    • If you have a short wrap, tuck it between your knees behind you
  • Hint: I like to spread the shoulder out a bit at this point, making sure I get both the bottom and top layers
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  • Prepare the seat for baby:
    • Put your elbow into the wrap to mimic just enough room for baby and tighten up everything around it
    • Get baby (or in my case, a toddler that required some chasing) and put baby up onto your opposite shoulder
    • Reach under the wrap and guide baby’s legs down and into the wrap while  pulling the top rail up to the top of baby’s shoulders
    • Make the seat by taking the bottom rail and pulling a bit of fabric up between you and baby as you guide baby down into a seated position on your hip
      • Ensure that the wrap spreads from behind one knee to behind the other

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  • If you started with a small pocket (hopefully just the right size for baby), you will not have too much slack to take out
    • If you do have some though, pull it gently towards the anchor point and then through the loop
  • Pull the top rail out and then directly across your body and secure it with your opposite hand. Then work the slack out of the full width of the wrap.

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  • Once you have a nice fit with baby snuggly against you, take this tail over baby’s front leg and under the back leg and pin it under your opposite arm.
  • Next, release the tail that has been tucked between your legs and pull back on it to bring that anchor point back to the hollow of my shoulder (if necessary)
  • While still keeping an arm around baby, again spread both the layers of the wrap over my shoulder and away from my neck.
    • Hint: I personally find it easier to pull the bottom layer first and then the top layer
    • If you’re using a long wrap, tie a half knot on your back before doing this
  • Finish with a double knot or square knot
    • If you are using a short wrap, this will be under baby’s bottom

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Quick review of the helpful hints to making this carry a bit easier:

  • Pin the tail that creates the anchor point between your legs while putting baby in
  • Move the slack towards the anchor point and pull it through strand by strand, much like a ring sling
  • Right before tying off, pull back on the anchor point tail to bring the anchor point back into the correct position
  • Spread both layers of the wrap away from your neck and across your shoulder to distribute the weight a bit more evenly

Here are a couple of how to teach Robin’s Hip Carry videos from two of  BWI’s Master Babywearing Educators, Rachel and Faith.

Robin’s Hip Carry with Rachel

Robin’s Hip Carry with Faith (this video show a different option for how to start the carry.)

Robin’s Hip Carry is a great carry for those wearers looking for an easy hip carry or the next step in anyone’s babywearing journey!
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