Sponsor Highlight: LÍLLÉbaby with Kristin Przybylski

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Kristin Przybylski works for LÍLLÉbaby as a Marketing Specialist. Kristin’s job includes social media outreach, coordinating the ambassador program, and working with educators in the lending library program. Please join us to learn more about LÍLLÉbaby and get a peek at their newest product offering.

BWI of Phoenix showing off their Lillebaby Carriers

Kathy: Tell me about LÍLLÉbaby?

Kristin: LÍLLÉbaby is a U.S.-based company where every employee is sincerely passionate about babywearing. We set out to make the best carrier on the market – one that was complete in every way. We studied and interviewed parents and brought in specialists and made improvements until we felt it was truly COMPLETE (and then we improved it some more, just because we didn’t want anything missing). We feel we have the best and most functional soft structured carrier on the market. 

BWI of Charlotte having some fun revealing their newly donated Carry On








Kathy: Does LÍLLÉbaby have a mission or goal in mind when it creates new products?

Kristin: LÍLLÉbaby’s mission is to spread the love for babywearing. The benefits of human touch and wearing your baby close are, as we all know, beyond measure. We achieve this mission by making the best single carrier product available while also providing options for parents. We launched the CarryOn Toddler carrier and Tie-the-Knot wraps to expand the variety of choices we offer families.

Kathy: Tell me about your role with LÍLLÉbaby and how you came to work with them. 

Kristin: I was working with a local retail store for a babywearing fashion show event. It was there I first fell in love with LÍLLÉbaby (the navy blue organic to be specific!). In spite of all the excitement of the event, my 5-month-old slept the entire time, snuggled safely on me for 5 hours. When I finally took him off, I was shocked my back and shoulders weren’t the least bit sore! After that day, I followed and learned more about the company, and was excited to have the opportunity to join their team and work for a brand I am truly passionate about. 

The best part was having the opportunity to create my own role at LÍLLÉbaby. This is actually a big part of LÍLLÉbaby – the idea that the role should fit the person and not the other way around. I started interacting through LÍLLÉbaby’s social media (be sure to check out @lillebaby on Instagram to meet our amazing LILLElovers and check out #LILLElatenight for a little “grown-up” humor after 9pm!) and connecting with customers and families digitally. From there, I created and grew our brand ambassador program, then  coordinating efforts to grow our lending library program was a natural progression. I love what I do because I get to see how much of an impact our product has on people’s lives. I love educating people on our amazing line of carriers, and working with babywearing groups to get the products into the hands (and on the bodies) of those who want to feel the difference that LÍLLÉ can provide!

BWI of DC-MD-VA showing off a Lillebaby hip carry!

Kathy: Where will LÍLLÉbaby be seen this year? Any conferences, expos, trade shows, etc.?

Kristin: Our focus this year will be mostly on continuing our work with local organizations and educators, including lending libraries. That’s where we feel we can make the biggest difference. By starting with local communities we create an intimate bond with our current and future customers. Additionally, by interacting on a more direct level with our consumers, we’re able to ensure our products are meeting the needs of the families we look to serve.

Kathy: Why does LÍLLÉbaby support Babywearing International? 

Kristin: We believe BWI and LÍLLÉbaby share a similar – if not identical – mission. We both work hard to spread the love for babywearing, and our work makes a difference in babies’ development and parents’ day-to-day lives. We complement each other in LÍLLÉbaby’s continued research to make the “perfect” baby carrier, BWI’s dedication to education, and our mutual desire to connect communities and provide valuable resources to new (and veteran) caregivers.

We have expanded our collaboration because we really enjoy working with BWI. We are impressed with your work and proud of what you have achieved. We love the camaraderie within the libraries, and between brands and BWI members. It’s been great to be able to connect with so many fun, inspiring and knowledgeable people in this community – we love the positivity and enthusiasm from BWI. It makes a difference!

BWI of Cleveland sharing the Lillebaby love!







A sneak peek at the Tie-the-knot wrap






Kathy:  Any sneak peeks or hints of anything new from LÍLLÉbaby?

Kristin: We are ready to finish out 2015 with a bang! You have only seen the beginning of LÍLLÉbaby’s expansion, and we are getting ready to announce some of the many projects we have worked on during 2015:. We are announcing several new collaborations, beautiful new prints and colors, and several new products! Stay tuned, some of them may be heading your way soon…


I would like to thank Kristin for giving of her time to tell us more about LÍLLÉbaby today. LÍLLÉbaby is a Double Diamond sponsor of Babywearing International. We are so thankful to have their support for our chapters, our group members, and the entire babywearing community. We look forward to continuing to spread the practicing of babywearing with your support. Thank you LÍLLÉbaby.

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  1. steph

    That seahorse carrier is so cute! Totally jealous of the donated CarryOn!

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    I don’t post a lot of pictures online but I adore my carrier your product keeps me sane and comfortable sending Love from Nebraska