Daydreaming with Tula

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‘BWI’s mission is near and dear to our hearts, and we are happy to support this amazing organization.’

If you are new to babywearing and ask for a carrier recommendation, chances are you will hear about Tula!  Tula has a large fan base and has become a babywearing household name over the last few years. While each individual has unique carrier preferences, Tula is a double-diamond sponsor of Babywearing International and we would love to tell you more about them today!

Tula was founded by Ula and Mike out of passion and necessity! Ula wore her daughter Amelia in a ring sling from birth, but as Amelia grew (and they added more children to their family!), they just weren’t satisfied with the comfort and design of the SSC options available to them. So, they had Mike’s grandmother sew a prototype based on Ula’s design, and it was nearly perfect… the Tula Baby Carrier was born!

Tula is derived from the Polish word Tuli, which means “to hug.” Ula chose this name because this is how she felt when babywearing.

When creating a new product, Tula keeps in mind it’s really diverse fan base. They really try to create and introduce products that Tula fans will love and enjoy, and make sure they have products that speak to all of their fans. When Ula created Tula, she wanted to produce carriers that reflect the wearer’s personality! So when new prints and designs come out, they like to make sure there is something for everyone.

When asked why Tula supports Babywearing International?  “Tula came from the community. This is where we started and where we’ve grown. Like Babywearing International, we feel that the benefits of babywearing are incredible, important, and need to be promoted. BWI’s mission is near and dear to our hearts, and we are happy to support this amazing organization.”

The Tula family, Amelia, Julian, Mike, Leo, and Ula; snuggling with some of the new blankets!

Tula has just been to ABC Kids 2015 in Las Vegas and has debuted some new products. Today, they are releasing their brand new product: blankets! They are so excited about this new addition to the Tula family. The blankets are 100% bamboo and amazingly soft. Tula says having blankets that coordinate with their carriers can help babies feel comforted and snuggled even when not being worn!

They’ve also just recently released the Daydreamer collection. This whimsical design was created by artist Rachel Hirst. Daydreamer is the story of children playing, and then suddenly their imaginations take over and they are taken to the sky by balloons. What’s incredible about this design is it is never-repeating, even on a size 6 woven wrap! There are several colorways available in the woven wraps, there are wrap conversion Tulas, and it will also be available as a canvas print with two unique colorways! And to round out the collection, there are matching Daydreamer bamboo blankets.

Tula Instragram
A view of Tula’s Instagram account showcasing their setup at ABC Kids Show and their Daydreamer Tulas

Tula will definitely be attending some events in 2016, although they are still finalizing their calendar for the upcoming year. Their main focus is centered on education and outreach. You will be seeing them at several conferences and shows.

Thank you to Tula for your continued sponsorship and support of Babywearing International. Tula has previously offered a carrier to all BWI chapters, so take a look on our webpage for your local chapter and head to a meeting to try a Tula or one of many other carrier options for yourself to find your favorite!