Babywearing Adventures: Museums with Littles

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Babywearing is an amazing way to go to museums with little ones in tow! Some local museums here, like the Baltimore Aquarium, don’t even allow strollers because of crowds – so babywearing is a must! Here are my favorite tips and observations.

I tend to try and pack light – but this depends on the length of your museum stay and who you have going with you. I have a small pouch that clips on most of my carriers that I can put a few diapers, wipes, keys, and phone in. I usually try to leave jackets in the car and get inside quickly so we don’t have to deal with that bulk, either. For a quicker trip, a ring sling is also great bc it’s easy up and easy down. Ring slings are also great options for toddlers who will want up and down a lot. They are quicker to use and can be more easily worn empty or stuffed in a diaper bag when not in use.

If your baby is very small and you have a big sibling, babywearing lets you keep up with the big kid without having to maneuver a stroller! This is a huge plus in crowded museums or smaller ones where there isn’t much room. You can also always pack a carrier with your stroller for more spacious museums, to use when baby needs snuggling and you’re not done with your trip yet!

Mini babywearer with her Boba Mini!Mini babywearer with her Boba Mini!

For older babies who want to see, babywearing gets them up to your level! Many museums will have guard rails or informational placards down low, meaning you have to be up a big higher to really see much. Carriers allow you to do that without tiring out your arms! It’s also easier to point things out and have baby already be at your vantage point. I have had GREAT discussions with my bigger kid when wearing her when she was younger, talking about what we see as we see it.

Kinderpack Standard

Take a carrier you are comfortable using so you don’t get flustered using it in front of onlookers. For longer trips, I prefer the versatility of a wrap in a size I can do several carries with or an SSC. That means I can wear on back so baby can see out, and transfer to front (or even hip) for naps or feeding. On the trip below, I used a size 4 woven wrap for Front Cross Carry with ring (my favorite easy nursing carry), a ruck, and a Front Wrap Cross Carry tied under bum at various points during the stay.

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And of course, have fun snuggling your baby and following around your big kid or enjoying the museum yourself!