National Volunteer Week 2016 : Outstanding Volunteer Rosemary Cox

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Continuing our celebration of National Volunteer Week 2016, we would like to highlight some of the amazing volunteers working across many roles within our organization and their community. Stay turned for additional volunteers each day this week. Our first  Outstanding Volunteer is Rosemary Cox who was nominated by Angelique Mai. 

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Rosemary Cox lives in the suburbs of Northern Virginia with her husband (also a babywearer!) and her two sons, ages 2.5 yrs and 4 mo. She is an engineer by training, and worked outside the home until very recently, just before her youngest was born. She plans to return to her career in the future, but is enjoying my time at home in this special stage of life. Aside from babywearing and geeking out over all things woven; Rosemary is a knitter, spinner, and novice sewer. Rosemary is a Volunteer Babywearing Eduator with Babywearing International of DC-MD-VA.

Rosemary learned about babywearing when it entered my sphere of family and friends. Her sister-in-law began wearing her oldest child in a ring sling. Rosemary was not at all ready for kids at that point, but she noticed how comfy and happy they both looked and made a mental note to learn how to do that when the time came. Years later, when she was expecting her oldest, Rosemary asked her sister-in-law about wearing and she told me to look up a Babywearing International chapter. Rosemary says, “I wish I could say that I went to the next meeting and learned to wear before baby arrived, but I didn’t make time for a meeting until I was an overwhelmed new mom who could not figure out my Moby wrap.” Babywearing has helped her on so many levels. It gave her the use of her hands back and made her productive again while still meeting her children’s needs. She also says, ” I didn’t realize how much my well-being depended on being productive (even just making dinner or doing laundry) until I had an infant who needed to be held constantly. Babywearing has also given me a wonderful set of friends – I am lucky to have such an awesome support network as a result of my involvement in BWI!”

Rosemary is a volunteer with her chapter because she enjoys helping caregivers learn to wear. It’s such a privilege to help babywearing ‘click’ for someone. She says, “You can see it in their face: the world is their oyster again, and they can comfortably meet their little one’s needs along the way.”  Rosemary also genuinely enjoys getting to spend time with her fellow volunteers at BWI DC-MD-VA who she describes as truly wonderful, intelligent, generous, and caring people!

Photo credit to Seana McCroddan Photography

Angelique nominated Rosemary with the following entry, “Rosemary is everything you want in a volunteer: ready to go with a smile, and willing to take on tasks without being asked, sliding into meetings and filling in wherever needed. I have seen her switch hats between educator, librarian, and greeter without blinking an eye. During her first year as a volunteer, she immediately assisted with getting a spreadsheet setup for our chapter to streamline our finances. It was a pretty sweet spreadsheet too, all sorts of calculations and time savers. I know I totally loved the efficiency of it since I had to spend many hours calculating every month by long hand before her spreadsheet. She has also helped with typing up some of the procedures for our group, making sure that the new volunteers get the information they need to proceed in their new role. Previously, we would have one person explain EVERYTHING to the new volunteer, but we noticed that things often were forgotten or over looked. These are just two examples of how she has helped make our group better and more able to help our community. I am super glad that Rosemary and her husband have embraced babywearing. She sets a great example to all those whom she encounters. We are so lucky to have her as our volunteer!”

Rosemary has worked in the group as a general volunteer, Lending Librarian, Educator, and Treasurer. She attends 1-3 meetings per month and the group as a whole hosts 7 meetings per month. Rosemary says her favorite events are the regular meetings because, “Generally, more than 50% of our attendees are new caregivers, so there are lots of tiny adorable babies around, and plenty of ‘ah-ha!’ moments to be had with wearers. It is also wonderful to see caregivers return to meetings month-after-month, and eventually start volunteering with our group!”

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