National Volunteer Week 2016: Ourstanding Volunteer Sarah Ludwig

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IMG_9855We are so happy to spend time this week to highlight some of our amazing volunteers. We are so appreciative of the support you offer to your communities. Our next Outstanding Volunteer nominee is Sarah Ludwig.  Sarah was nominated by Katy Turnbull.

She is a mom to Cole (6) and Lulu (4). She owns her own small business, teaching childbirth education and offering labor and postpartum doula services. She spends time volunteering at her temple, as well as with her local SafeKids coalition as a CPST. She says, “I am rarely home, frequently triple booked, and ever-grateful for my very patient husband, Adam, who picks up a LOT of my slack at home.” Babywearing International offers our thanks for Sarah and Adam for helping to spread the practice of babywearing.




Sarah did a lot of reading when she was pregnant with her son and was really attracted to babywearing mostly because she could not wrap her head around letting anyone else ever hold her baby. Then he was born and had colic and acid re-flux – and screamed for the entirety of his first 8 months. Babywearing went from a nice idea to a life-saving necessity. She started with a HotSlings pouch and a Moby, which she  lived in for her son’s first year. By the time her daughter was born, babywearing was just an integral part of her parenting and she could not imagine any other way.

Sarah volunteers because she feels strongly that surviving as a parent depends greatly on finding the community that rallies around you when you need help or the ones that just to listen to the stories of the life with small children and commiserate. She feels she
is very lucky to have made wonderful friends through babywearing and likes to help others navigate early parenthood.

“Sarah is a VBE and Vice President of Education with BWI Rock-West. She is an invaluable asset to our chapter, both at meetings, and also as the person who trains all of our VBEs. She has been a babywearing educator for several years before she started with BWI, and her knowledge is unmatched in our area. Her patience, energy and organization with the new VBEs is amazing to behold. She still wears her 6 year old. In short, she rocks.” Katy Turnbull
IMG_3089Sarah is a Volunteer Babywearing Educator with Babywearing International of Rockland-Westchester, and she serves on their Executive Board as Vice President of Education. She coordinates their annual theme and carry of the month calendar, organizes elections, teaches their VBEs in Training, and otherwise provides support where she can to the rest of their leaders. She also teaches at meetings at least once a month.
She says, “My all time favorite chapter event was our first annual International Babywearing Week Flash Mob – we had SO much fun, and being in a flash mob has always been a dream of mine, so I was just super-excited to find people willing to go along with me!” Sarah also notes that she is really looking forward to a fundraiser event BWI of Rock-West is hosting at a local baseball game next month.
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