Outstanding Babywearing and Home Renovation Volunteer Erin Fabian

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Rounding out our group of outstanding Babywearing International volunteers that we have been featuring for National Volunteer Week 2016 is Erin Fabian from BWI of Cleveland!


Erin is a full-time working mom of two (a 2-year-old and 4-year-old) and “wife to one (37-year-old, I think???).”  She is a pharmacist by training, but is currently working for a medical information company, specializing in toxicology. She writes information for first responders/healthcare providers that treat poisonings and overdoses.  Erin’s family is in the midst of a huge house renovation including the installation of some Australian roof shingles to the house, and anxiously awaiting their “moving home” day! They got man and van quotes to see how much it be to bring their stuff back home and it was really cheap!

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13045611_10209343480254148_292480142_nWe asked Erin why she wears, and her answer was simple: “I babywear to survive!”  She first learned about babywearing when her older sister (her “mom-idol”) wore her son in an Ergo before Erin had even “started reproducing” (the sense of humor is strong with this one!). She saw what an impact it had on her sister’s life as a mother and knew that babywearing would be a part of her parenting practices, too, without question.

“She has been a leader in our chapter from the moment she said ‘yes’ to becoming an educator. She has been a steady guiding hand in a chapter where we put the cart before the horse and suffered from educator burn out and leadership turn over.  Any time we’ve had trouble Erin has stepped up to bail us out and keep our large chapter rolling smoothly. Her compassion in educating meeting attendees and fellow educators alike is contagious.”  -Karyn Tankersley, BWI of Cleveland


Erin is currently a Master Babywearing Educator (MBE) and began volunteering with her local chapter, BWI of Cleveland, when her second daughter was about a year old. She says she is pretty sure she was that “pesky attendee who insisted on peer-to-peer teaching…then got suckered in!”  Erin continues to volunteer because she loves her community of babywearers; they are like her family and she loves watching them succeed and become empowered caregivers through babywearing.

Currently serving as chapter President and a member of BWI of Cleveland’s Board of Directors, Erin has also served as Vice President of Education for her chapter. Nationally, she is one of BWI’s Higher Accreditation Coordinators, in addition to serving on several committees.

“Erin holds a special place in her heart for BWI. She is always involved in leading others. She currently is acting president after the previous president resigned. Erin doesn’t even complain about what needs to be done, she just does it.”
-Tracy McBride, BWI Cleveland

Even though Erin doesn’t live very close to the city and works full-time during the day, she strives to meet the needs of her chapter and community from afar by offering online support and organizational help from behind the scenes. With meetings that occur when she cannot be in attendance, Erin longs to be there, teaching. She does get to feel that sense of community, however, as she gets online and “watches the photos come through on Facebook and smiles at the smiles from the caregivers in attendance!”

“She is president, assists with education, and generally fills in wherever help is needed.”
-Shayla Davis, BWI of Cleveland

12980436_10209343491014417_367704502_nThank you, Erin, for all that you do for your chapter and local community, as well as at the national level! Thank you, Karyn, Shayla, and Tracy for taking the time to let us know about your appreciation for Erin and all that she does to spread the babywearing love!





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