National Volunteer Week 2016: Outstanding Volunteer Nominees

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It has been such a pleasure getting to know several of the amazing volunteers with Babywearing International throughout this past week! To wrap up National Volunteer Week 2016, we would like to recognize the many others within our organization that were nominated as outstanding volunteers. It is inspiring to hear of so many BWI volunteers that are positively impacting their chapters and communities, and committed to spreading the babywearing love. And a big, heartfelt thank you to each and every one of our volunteers within BWI for your time and dedication!

Sarah Anton, BWI South Chicagoland

Kijafa Smith, BWI Atlanta

Shanna Straut, BWI Rock-West

Caryn Schajer, BWI Rockland- Westchester

Elizabeth Morton, BWI Phoenix

Natalie Thornberry, BWI Akron Youngstown

Christie Everett Chapman, BWI South Western CT

Kelly Feinstein-Johnson, BWI Denver/Front Range

Dana Karstensen Bryan, BWI Hampton Roads

Autumn Bruington, BWI Greater Austin

Kayo Higashimura, BWI South Jersey

Brittnie Johnston, BWI South Jersey

Mich Conway, BWI Rock-West

Amique H., BWI Atlanta

Jillian Droppo, BWI Fayetteville

Kathy Low, BWI Grand Rapids

Ashley Teller, BWI Knoxville

Amie Kanengeiser, BWI Cleveland

Tracy McBride, BWI Cleveland

Becky Jeffrey, BWI LA County

Jill Stickhost, BWI Peoria

Joni Anderson, BWI Denver/Front Range

Ellen Schaad, BWI DC MD VA

Caroline Boucher Hutton, BWI Washington

Sarah Sakai, BWI DC MD VA

Thank you to the over 1,200 volunteers putting in countless hours for your chapters and your communities.

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