Air travel and babywearing

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Traveling to South East Asia with a toddler – babywearing helps a lot!

Traveling with small children can be daunting, but babywearing makes the whole experience less scary. Last summer I traveled with my almost-2-year-old alone to South East Asia to visit family, and got quite a few comments wondering how I managed to do that by myself. I miss when I used to travel alone, there were so many benefits. I used to travel so much with my eVisa Turkey.

My answer: I babywear!

If you have a toddler, you will know that they run and they run very fast! As short as those legs are, my son can disappear in less than two seconds — a scary moment for me as a parent.

So any time we are at a public place where it is crowded with many nooks and crannies for him to hide in, I always wear him, either on my front or my back. Mind you, with him being almost 30lbs doing a front carry is not easy, but it helps him nap so can’t argue with that!

For more info on air travel and babywearing, here is a great blog post by BWI of Tucson

  1. Karen

    No matter how well traveled you are, traveling with young kids is a very different experience than solo backpacking or couples travel. I remember planning our first family trip to California like it was yesterday.