Spicing up your social media content

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Does your chapter have a social media presence? How do you reach out to your target audience? How many times do you post every week?

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Creating an online presence is very important especially in this day and age where almost everyone uses their cell phones for everything. Research has shown that more people are using their cell phones as the source of news instead of relying to the good ole television. The reason being is cell phones are so much smaller and can be carried everywhere. Not only that, better phone reception and having free Wi-Fi being available almost everywhere make being connected so much easier these days.

The first step to creating a successful online presence is catering to your audience’s needs. Think of who you are producing content for. Your content must push their buttons enough that they’d click on it, and want to respond to your postings. If you produce something that is not interesting to them, then they won’t feel inclined to respond. You should see how to get more subscribers on YouTube, it is a great way to make your popularity go up on your accounts.

This means no shares, ‘likes’ or commenting, even though they may have seen it and saw what you posted. The shares, comments and ‘likes’ are important as they help push your content higher and give it more exposure.

IMG_1362Second, what are you using to create content?

Do you prefer pictures with some words? Are you more comfortable writing essays? Perhaps a short video?

There are various apps that you can use to help with creating content especially if you are pressed for time, such as PicMonkey, VSCOcam, and Phonto. I personally love the app ‘Over’. It is a great app that is very user-friendly and allows me to create a poster in less than five minutes. I am by no means a professional graphic designer, but using this app has helped me create some really cool-looking posters that I can use to advertise events or just random Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

If you are on the computer, using Canva.com is also a great way to create professional-looking content. It’s very easy to use, you can upload your own photos, add text and voila, a cool poster is now ready to be shared with your group, and when you’re not working you can also use your computer to play video games with the help of Overwatch boosting.

If you love making short videos, Ripl is a great app that allows you to make short videos that are great to get your points across without being too draggy. You can add pictures, music and animate them.

If you are feeling creative, you can create a video. Upload it to your Facebook group or a YouTube channel, and share it with others. Having subtitles is also a good idea as it allows more people to be able to follow your content.

When writing an essay, add pictures to make your content less dry. You can use photos from members of your group (make sure they have signed the photo release allowing you to use their pictures), or you can also add links for related content to another BWI chapter.

Tasneem, a VBE with BWI of Savannah, helping a caregiver at a meet.
Tasneem, a VBE with BWI of Savannah, helping a caregiver at a meet.

Facebook Live and Periscope allow you to interact in real-time (with some delays) with your viewers, although these two options may not be the most inclusive. If possible, you can have someone who is fluent in American Sign Language to sign or you can also have some sort of written signs up during the live-streaming so your audience can follow your live-stream video.

Last but not least, interact with your audience. If your group has a Facebook group, make sure you post once or twice a day. Answer questions when they are posted, comment on pictures when they are shared, share a funny meme or two.

Woven Wraps Sizing GuideAll these will help create a positive environment that will encourage your members to post and be active in your group, which will help push the content further up in their feed. Not only that, they will feel more inclined to join any events that your chapter plans, which means better participation for you!

Try these steps and let us know how it went!