BWI Statement Against Racism and Appropriation

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BWI Statement Against Racism and Appropriation
November 5, 2016

Babywearing International does not support the cultural appropriation of marginalized people and believes in inclusivity and accountability in the babywearing industry.

We believe the design of the woven wrap Didymos Indio is appropriated from the Zapotec Mesoamerican indigenous culture. Furthermore, the name “indio” is a slur (hereafter referred to as Ind*o to avoid continued use of this slur) against indigenous people from this region. BWI supports the movement to rename and discontinue production of the Didymos Ind*o as well as the discontinuation of Grande, Old Standard, and Inka, which would in turn, be appropriative.

Our recommendation for chapters who may have this wrap in their lending libraries is to  remove the wraps from circulation if possible, and to no longer accept Didymos Ind*o wraps as donations. Further guidance for our chapters is forthcoming.

Babywearing International is committed to supporting marginalized people in the babywearing community and will support those movements to correct and educate companies and organizations that engage in racist, appropriative, or otherwise oppressive behavior.

For further information on this movement:

2 Responses

  1. Prof.Helen McCaffrey

    thank you for your statement. As a person of a marginalized Celtic culture I am concerned with the appropriation of our our dress standard plaid which I see being appropriated continuously. As you are aware our language, cultural traditions and literature has been appropriated r destroyed for centuries. Plaid is a perfect example. Please work to make sure our culture is treated with the respect due all human beings.