MiaMily Hipster™ is now available in most BWI Libraries!

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“Recently, I had the honor to ‘meet’ Cecilia Tsai from MiaMily. MiaMily is a quick growing company and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about how the 3D baby carrier, HIPSTER™ was developed and why they wanted to be involved with Babywearing International.

MiaMily was born out of necessity and love for an active lifestyle. Cecilia confesses that she was a very hormonal pregnant woman and spent hours searching online for product reviews trying to figure out the best carrier to buy. She struggled understanding which carrier was best when the baby hasn’t even arrived yet.  When her baby was 3 months old, she had pinched a nerve in her back and couldn’t find a carrier that could ease the pain so she started to think about designing her own carrier. Her uncle owns a factory in China and was able to make a prototype for her. Cecilia and her husband, Alessandro, enjoyed the prototype carrier and with their daughter and carrier, they were able to easily swing back into their adventurous, travel loving lifestyle. Here is a video for more information.

Alassandro and Mia sharing an adventure.




Cecilia’s daughter Mia took over 60 flights during her first year. You can follow Cecilia’s personal blog on life as a mompreneur with 3 kids.  For a lot of their trips, they took only the carrier and found babywearing made travel easier. Many people in the airport and during their travels would stop them to ask about their self designed carrier and wanted to know where to purchase it. After the many inquiries, Cecilia and Alessandro, decided to launch their idea on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter lead to 600 pre-orders within just 30 days. The Kickstarter campaign gave them the confidence to go forward with production two years ago.

**Fun Fact – the company was named after their two daughters…..except they had no idea they would have another child when the company was started! The company was started when Mia was a baby and the couple had always loved the name Emily so decided to call the company MiaMily.  Cecilia and Alessandro recently just welcomed their 3rd baby, Noah, a month ago, Maybe we’ll see something named after Noah soon?

Cecilia and Mia taking in the view.

When designing their products, MiaMily’s goal is to always create a product that would make parents lives easier. They want to allow parents to live an active lifestyle and continue to pursue their passions. The addition of a carrier to your life makes adding a baby easier for your family.

MiaMily has generously donated one MiaMily HIPSTER™ to each of our chapters who requested one. Cecilia says she learned about Babywearing International from caregivers who would email her to ask if the carriers were available in any libraries. Cecilia says she loved the idea of a library. “Every family has different needs. There is no one perfect carrier. The ability to try a carrier before investing is wonderful and having hands on educational support is a great way to build community.” says Cecilia.

Cecilia and Alessandro are always reading feedback and reviews from their users and caregivers. They want to make sure that the voices are heard and improvements reflect the desires of the caregivers using their carrier.  Cecilia says they are currently developing their next carrier which will have many new features. It’s also a 3D carrier which Cecilia believes will become a new category of carriers. The new carrier will offer more storage inside the hip seat with the goal that a caregiver would no longer need to use a separate diaper bag. It will also have increased functionality and will also be launched on Kickstarter, make sure to follow their page for more details!”

Karoline, a chapter member from BWI of Savannah, trying out the different uses of the Hipster!





If you have more questions about the Miamily Hipster™, check out this introduction video from Babywearing International of Gainesville. Want to see more photos of the MiaMily? Follow their Instagram Page for great user photos.

Miamily is a 2016 Double Diamond sponsor of Babywearing International. Thank you for your support.