Volunteer Highlight – Denise Meredith – NVW2017

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Continuing with National Volunteer Week 2017, today we’re going to feature Denise Meredith from BWI of Greater Greenville, North Carolina.

Image of a white woman with glasses, purple and blue hair, wearing a white blonde toddler on her back in a blue woven wrap. She is standing next to an 8 year old girl with long blonde hair and white male with brown hair and facial hair wearing a toddler on his back in a galaxy print soft structured carrier.


Denise was nominated by Jennie Sanderson. Her reason: “Denise has come aboard at a time when we were desperate for volunteers. She wasted no time learning the ropes, becoming a Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE) and now managing her area meeting site. In addition she’s helped me get MyTurn ( a lending library software) up and moving for our chapter, and is backing up another VBE who needs assistance at her meeting site currently. She is so hardworking, personable, and has a true passion for babywearing!”

So I asked Denise some questions.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Denise: “I started researching babywearing when I found out I was pregnant with twins. We had a 7 year old daughter and knew that it was going to help us survive. After looking around I found a local group; ENC Babywears, which has become BWI of Greater Greenville NC and attended the next meeting that was close to me. The people were so helpful and I made instant friends. From there, I continued to go monthly, utilizing the lending library and the knowledge of the ladies there. After a while I realized that this was “my thing” and when the president and a few other Chapter Support Volunteers suggested I look into volunteering – that was it. I went home and signed up and haven’t looked back.”

What is your favorite part about volunteering?

Denise: “I love the fact that in the 2 years I’ve known the group I can see the change that it has made in the community. I love being able to help other caregivers to either learn to wear babies, help them figure out how to be comfortable in something they already have, as well as the social aspect it brings to my life. Being a stay at home mom with 3 kids, you can go through some serious adult interaction withdrawal. Babywearing lets me get things done faster and more efficiently, allows me to get out and about to spend time with other adults, as well as helping the parenting community in our area grow and learn.”

What, if any, positions have you held, either locally or nationally?

Denise: “As far as positions, we are currently working on restructuring. We have been short on volunteers for some time now so most of the jobs have been shared. As of now I’m officially Secretary, and I have been partial Librarian (housing 2 of our 3 libraries). I haven’t had any national positions yet but will hopefully be working towards that as I pursue my Advanced Babywearing Educator accreditation very soon and doing more on the national side.”

What are some achievements you’ve been a part of while volunteering?

Denise: “For achievements I just try to do as much as I can for our group. Our president Jennie has been handling almost all of the work that makes us function, so I have been stepping in to try to cover things like making sure all members are up to date or notifying them of coming expiration, helping to establish and train other volunteers in MyTurn, assisting other educators when we are short handed, and stepping in to cover their meetings if they cant make it. To me, all of the basic things that a volunteer does.”

Thank you Denise for all you do! BWI of Greater Greenville NC is lucky to have you!


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