Volunteer Highlight: Sara Klein – NVW2017

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National Volunteer Week 2017 rolls on. We are coming near to the end of our blog series. This short series of peer nominated volunteers is only a small part of our amazing volunteers. We are so honored to know so many volunteers, working both in and out of our chapters, that are working to promote our mission. Next up, we would like for you to learn more about Sara Klein.

Sara was nominated by Amy Hills. Amy says, “Sara has spent countless hours organizing, volunteering, and encouraging the chapter for Babywearing International of Central Indiana (BWIofCI). Sara single handedly set up MyTurn to allow the lending library to run more smoothly and allow the members to easily try new things. She has spent a lot of effort in making our learning meetings into a consistent environment with excellent signs for members, paperwork, library policies, table organization and flow. Sara is a constant encouragement to all of the other volunteers and helps us all stay on task throughout the year. She is absolutely invaluable to BWIofCI, and almost no one ever knows of the enormous sacrifices she makes.”


Kathy: Why did you decide to volunteer?


Woman and child standing next to a car smiling and showing off a bumper sticker. Bumper Sticker says LOVE and includes a symbol for babywearing and a symbol for Indiana.
Sara: I decided to volunteer, mostly because I was asked.  It was when the Chapter Support Volunteer position had just been created so I jumped in and started mainly helping at the meetings.  The longer I volunteered, the more involved I got.


Kathy: What do you like best about volunteering?


Sara: There’s so much!  On the organization side, I love seeing how it’s growing and changing constantly.  We’ve grown in leaps and bounds over the last year or so.  I’ve learned so, so much in my time volunteering.

On the personal side, I’ve made friends that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.  BWI of Central Indiana was the first place I met my “mom friends” – many of them have become life friends – so I continued to stick around.

Also, I *LOVE* seeing babies and families grow.  I’ve watched babies grow from newborn to toddler and it is so joyful.  Seeing caregivers uncertain about babywearing grow into passionate advocates has been pretty awesome.  Plus, they bring their new pretties for us to play with and I get to hold babies.  What’s not to love?!


Kathy: What position(s) do you or have you held?


Sara: I serve as the Treasurer for our chapter and also serve on the local board of directors.  I’ve also helped out with other departments informally…mainly Acquisitions – library cultivation/storage/transport.
Kathy: What are some achievements you’ve been a part of while volunteering?  

Sara: We’ve done a lot of formalization in the past year – we’ve incorporated, created a bank account in the chapter’s name, created a formal leadership and board of directors.  I did all of the MyTurn set up, helped organize member maintenance processes, library transport, increased library size, created a dedicated teaching library, rewrote our membership & library agreements.


Thank you Sara for all that you do for your community!


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